Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Because of the Hot Tamales pic Maybe??

When I first set up this blog, one of the many components that could be added was a Google AdSense Ad. My brother works for Google, so I though, what the hey, I'll put an ad on my blog to help Google. It's one of those types of ads where they try to match it up with the content on your page, probably by keyword scanning or something. For example, the first time I posted about my washing machine that I can't seem to get, I noticed the little ad for that day was for washing machines. Another time early on when I posted about my American Girl dolls, the little ad was an ad for doll clothing. The ad changes every day, I think. Anyway, I log on here a couple of days ago and the ad is for "Pretty Mexican Brides"! Whoa! Number one, I do NOT want to be selling "Pretty Mexican Brides" - that is just not right, and number two, why the HECK did it match that ad to my page?? There was nothing in my content that I could find that would relate to an ad like that! Except....the Hot Tamales pic???

Goodbye AdSense!

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