Monday, July 21, 2008

Our Horrible Stop Along the Garden State Parkway in NJ

I have traveled in ALL of the northeast / mid-atlantic states many times. When you see a sign that says "Service Area" what one normally finds is a large area with parking for cars and buses, a grassy area for dog walking, picnic tables, plenty of bathrooms and depending on how the Service Area was marked, there might also be a gas station, restaurants and a tourism center. Sometimes even a geocache! (ahem) :-)

However, If you are travelling along the Garden State Parkway in NJ (in bumper to bumper beach traffic no less) and you have the misfortune to stop at a "Service Area" near exit 129 you will find two gas stations, hardly any parking and a couple of FILTHY BATHROOMS at each of the gas stations - NAMELY SHELL AND MOBIL that are supposed to accommodate the 300 million people travelling on the GSP. I waited on a long line to use the bathroom at SHELL and it was the MOST DISGUSTING BATHROOM I have used in recent AND distant memory. We ended up walking over to the ON THE RUN MOBIL to get something to eat and even the trash can out front was OVERFLOWING with GARBAGE. This "Service Area" was in no way big enough to accommodate the volume of travelers on this highway and it clearly isn't staffed well enough to even keep the bathrooms cleaned or the garbage emptied. SHELL, MOBIL AND STATE OF NEW JERSEY, YOU SHOULD BE EMBARRASSED THAT'S WHAT YOU HAVE TO OFFER TRAVELERS IN YOUR STATE.


  1. GROSS!

    Thanks for the warning. If I ever find myself in that area, I'll avoid those rest areas.

    Did you have a nice day at the beach?

    JD at I Do Things

  2. I think the reason why the areas are so unserviced is because most of the population has left for Texas, North Carolina, and Arizona. :S

  3. JD: Would ya believe we weren't even going to the beach? We were going to a surprise party for a relative in southern NJ. However I think we were the ONLY car not headed to the beach! :-)
    Mrs. Mecomber: Yeah, there must be a lot of "Yankees" in the south these days! Heh!

  4. Well - they do call NJ the arm pit of America - perhaps it's just living up to its name?

  5. Sorry, I meant Saten stikes again about this post.

    Oh what a mess.

  6. I thought the NJ rest stops were supposed to be hotbeds of gay sexual activity. If the rest stop includes a Mcdonalds, it usually isn't that bad, but gas stations are the worst. Don't blame NJ, blame the absentee station owners cutting back on staff.

  7. Turnip, eh, thanks for the info about rest stops in NJ, hadn't heard that one! :-) And you're absolutely right - it's the gas station owners who are too cheap to hire enough staff to keep the bathrooms clean and garbage picked up, however, in all the other mid-atlantic and northeastern states, there are always public bathrooms provided by the state at "Service Areas". Prior to this, I haven't even had to use a gas station bathroom since I can remember. I guess for all the tolls in NJ, seems like they could provide some public bathrooms at a rest stop. Next time I'm on the NJ highways I'm just gonna "hold it". :-)


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