Thursday, August 28, 2008

"Good" Junk Mail

We get a TON of junk mail. A TON. But now and then there's some "good" junk mail, like free samples or certain catalogs.

DH loves the Harbor Freight catalog (they have all sorts of things from air tools to car ramps to power tools to flashlights, you get the picture - man stuff).

Some of my absolute favorite catalogs are Plow and Hearth, the LL Bean annual Christmas catalog, and the Vermont Country Store catalog. The big giant Cabelas "Master Catalog" is a good one too.

Incidentally, have you ever seen the Vermont Country Store catalog? They have some of the coolest and weirdest stuff in there - like: Ear Wax Remover device, Prune Wafers, Anti Monkey Butt Powder (?!?), Provincial Print Mumu, Scrapple, and a light for your cane. Stuff ya don't see every day. Or at least I don't!

Do you have a favorite catalog you just have to look at when it comes in the mail?


  1. I love the Eddie Bauer and LL bean catalogs - and once, in the 70s, my mom was sent, by mistake, a catalog for commercial baking supplies. I loved that catalog and still miss it (which is weird I know! but I do!)

  2. Monkey butt powder? I lived with 3 apes, no not the kids, real apes and they didn't like powder on their butts lol.

  3. That's why it's ANTI monkey butt powder. :) I think everyone will be getting this lovely product from me for Christmas this year...

  4. You're right - sometimes you catch a jem in your junk. But Monkey Butt Power?

  5. Ah - but if you WANT it - is it still 'junk' mail??

  6. My husband practically drools over the harbor freight catalog! I think I'll skip the Prune wafers and Anti Monkey Butt Powder!!

  7. I love the tools catalogs-- I like Harbor Freight, Sears Craftsman stuff, the Home Depot and Lowes, stuff, etc. I also like the computer stuff like Tiger Direct and Staples.

    I hate the clothing catalogs. HATE them.

    Weird thing is that my husband is just the opposite: he likes the LL Bean and Bauer, and dislikes the tools. WEIRD. Him. Not me. HEEE!

  8. Lillian Vernon is a favorite of mine. And I'm still pondering Smokey Bear...It's like trying to say Winnie Pooh...soooo difficult!

  9. Lidian: A commercial baking catalog? Wow I BET there was some cool stuff in there! It's like getting a glimpse into the secret world of bake shops! :-)

    Nessa: I'm not gonna even ask! LOL!

    Krissy: I'll be looking for my "Tired Old Ass Soak" under the tree! :-)

    Doll Clothes Gal: Yeah, I'm actually always worried I'm going to throw something important away like a bill or something - these companies sometimes are so tricky the way they address their envelope, or the type of envelope they use just to get you to open it. I love the ones I've been getting lately - a small manilla envelope with 1 sheet of bubble wrap in it along with their sales pitch letter, but it feels lumpy and important, so I fell for it - Grr! Not always easy to tell the gems from the junk!

    Kevin - You're right, I guess it's NOT junk mail if I want it! But what is it then? "Good" mail? "Treasure" Mail? ?

    Furkids Mom: Yeah, the prune wafers and Anti-Monkey Butt powder are not winners, but the Vermont Country store has some really nice stuff too, esp nightgowns, and also some things from your childhood you thought you'd never see / be able to get again.

    Rebecca: With all the work you PERSONALLY have done on your house I can see why you're excited to get the tool catalogs!!

    Krissy: I think Lillian Vernon is pretty good - have you ever gotten Harriet Carter? I liked that one even better. The black and white insert in the middle always featured the "toe foam" which I'm still not really sure what that's for, and some toilet scrubbing rock on a stick thing...

    Lastly, another cool catalog is one I just started getting - Yankee Candle - they actually have scratch and sniff on some of the pages, it's so fun!!


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