Sunday, August 10, 2008

It's 95 Degrees Out But I'm Freezing!

Ok, believe me, if anyone hates the heat, it's me. Air conditioning is my best friend during June, July and August. Now, I know everyone is concerned about the polar ice caps melting but cranking the A/C to "Arctic" is NOT going to help the ice caps. Why oh why do so many businesses and restaurants go overboard with the A/C? Even in the car. DH has "dual climate control" but even when I turn mine up to 72, his 65 degree air always creeps on over!

Typical summer wear is tank tops and sandals, but I find myself freezing when I go to a Dr's appointment, a restaurant, or ride in a car! Or heaven forbid I have to get on a plane!

Well I found an answer to my problem. Is this not the most clever idea??

It's the Cabin Cuddler!

This is a portable micro fleece travel blanket and pillow that stores in it's own tote bag - you can fold it and use it like a shawl in a cold waiting room or restaurant, or you can use it as a full size in a car or airplane. It comes with an inflatable pillow that you can use with the tote bag which turns into your own hygienic pillow case! It even has a pocket for your feet to keep them warm, how clever is this?!? And you might be thinking this is really small, since it fits into a tote bag, but it says the contour cut of the blanket covers every inch of your body.

I was checking it out on the Cabin Cuddler website and it comes in black and cranberry. I like the cranberry. It's even been featured on the Today Show and QVC.

Looking at this, I had some other ideas for this that aren't even mentioned. Right away I thought this would be the perfect thing for an elderly person - I know often times elderly people get cold easily. This would easily hang off the back of a wheelchair or a walker. My grandma is in heaven now (where I'm sure it's not too hot or too cold!), but this would have been perfect for her. (Now if only they can come up with a box of kleenex that tucks up your sleeve for the elderly...just kidding, did your grandma do that too?)

Another idea I thought of right away is this not only would be good for airplane travel so you don't have to use their who-knows-where-they've-been blankets, but have ya ever stayed in a skanky hotel (you know, by mistake, like the website or brochure was REALLY misleading)? Where you didn't even want to touch the bedspread or sheets? With this you could sleep on your own little germ-free pillow and wrap yourself in a nice clean fleece cocoon.

And hey, remember how I told you I wear my coat around the house in the winter to save on heat? I bet THIS would be a lot nicer while I'm sitting doing my blogging! Hmm...I have one of those bean pillows you heat in the microwave and use like a heating pad, I could heat that baby up and put it in the feet pocket, OH YEAH BABY!

Ahem. I'm going to go start my Christmas list now... :-)

The end.


  1. Remember your college cap and gown? Do you know how that all came to be? If I remember the story properly, it was to keep warm. Keep in mind the real ones were made of wool, etc. Alternatively, you could just go with a cape (probably best without a big S on them). So you just need a long zipper gown.

  2. That really is a good idea! Sometimes it's 30degrees and i'm wearing shorts and a tank but carrying a pashmina everywhere with me! The AC can be so cold it feels like it's freezing the lining out of your nose, good tip :)


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