Thursday, August 28, 2008

Just So You Know, It's Smokey Bear - NOT Smokey THE Bear

This is NOT a paid post - I just really like Smokey Bear!

We are Smokey Bear fans and this pic was actually taken during one of our geocaching adventures - we usually take a pic if we're lucky enough to spot a picture of him!

Many people incorrectly think it's Smokey THE Bear, but just so you don't embarrass yourself next time you and your friends are sitting around discussing wildfires, I want to make sure YOU know his name is Smokey Bear.

No "the".

If you don't believe me, you can go check this page on Smokey's official site. See, I toldja!

Isn't Smokey Bear cool? I love him!

If you have time, "Get Your Smokey On!" and check out his website, there's some neat stuff. If you're a homeschooler or a teacher they have a Teacher's Guide, Activity Book, Poster and Wildland Communicator's Guide you can download.

There's also lots of other interesting stuff at like the story of Smokey Bear, all about wildfires and the people who fight them, a kids area with games & stories, and a Real Time Wildfire Map, which is pretty cool.

Oh, and by the way - only you can prevent wildfires.

The end.


  1. Oh DEAR! I mean, oh BEAR!

    I've been saying "Smokey THE Bear" all these years, and no one corrected me?!

    You're a true pal, Carole. Thanks. and remember-- only you can prevent forest fires.

  2. oh dear me too! I don't know if I can stop myself now. Too late!
    We did our first geocaching yesterday! Actually, we tried. We got real close but did not find it. Then we went back, and found it the second trip. We learned you really do need those clues online...
    So fun! We are hooked now.

  3. Correction: lightning sets off a great many wildfires, so "Only you can prevent some fraction of all wildfires" would be more correct. :) Also, originally the US policy was to quash all forest fires, but then they found out that (believe it or not) Sequoias require fire in order to reproduce, so for some purposes, they actually need to let the thing burn for a bit before putting it out.

    Also, Smokey Bear is the only fictional character with his own zipcode - 20252.

  4. i hate smokey.

    out of all the people in the entire USA, he picks me... ME... to be the one to prevent wildfires.

    well you know what, he can just go do it on his own, i'm too busy and there aren't any woods around here.

  5. I think I've said Smokey THE bear too...thought I cant remember for certain now.

  6. I had a good laugh over these comments, thanks peeps!

    Rebecca: I know, Smokey's correct name seems to be quite the "little known fact", so I'm not surprised no one ever corrected you. And besides how often do you find yourself throwing Smokey's name around anyway?

    Glitzen: Woo hoo! Congrats on your first geocache! Some of them can be very tricky, but perseverance (and sometimes a clue) usually pay off. Now go find your next cache! :-)

    Andy: Whew! I feel better knowing I'm only personally responsible for preventing a fraction of all wildfires! Interesting trivia about the zip code, but wait...what?!? He's a fictional character???

    Fwaggle: I know, it's quite a burden to be responsible for preventing all wildfires. I hope you can sleep at night, knowing you're letting Smokey Bear down. ;-)

  7. Yummy: Well it's a new day, and from here on out you'll be able to say "SMOKEY BEAR" with confidence knowing you ARE saying it correctly. I'm sure Smokey would forgive you if you ever said his name wrong. He's a pretty nice long as you're not out setting any wildfires! Then he gets pretttttttty mad.

  8. I've been living in ignorance all these years...

  9. Yes - Smokey Bear - no 'the'. You don't go around saying 'Easter the Bunny' now do you? Santa the Claus? Tooth the Fairy?

  10. I will no doubt keep saying Smokey the bear and show my ignorance if he ever comes up in any of my conversations simply out of habit. Sounds like you had fun at the fair from your other posts ours starts on the 5th.


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