Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Penny A Day...

We're ALWAYS looking for ways to save money. For me it all started when I met DH. He's very frugal and he's taught me to be on the lookout for ways to save money. The first thing he taught me was always look on the ground and pick up any coins you see. You'd be amazed how much FREE money over time you can just pick up off the ground! (I actually almost got clocked in the head one time picking up a penny in front of an automatic door - when I bent down to pick up the penny the "electric eye" didn't see me anymore and if my friend didn't grab my belt loop and pull me back, I'd have had a concussion over a penny.) DH often walks on his lunch hour. He finds coins on the ground nearly EVERY DAY! He is actually keeping track of how much money he finds so that at the end of the year he can see how much free money he found in 2008!

It adds up, people. A really great example of the benefits of looking for free money on the ground was this spring we were down in NYC for the day for my birthday and we went to the "Top of the Rock" (top of Rockefeller Center) and DD found A TWENTY DOLLAR BILL on the ground. There wasn't even anyone close by to try to return it too, so she kept it. Spent it an hour later at American Girl Place, but hey - lesson to ya - watch the ground for free money!

We have some other good ways of saving money too. When I'm home alone in the house during the winter I keep the heat as low as I possibly can and I do this by wearing a coat in my own house during the day. Hey, this year with the price of heating oil I think I'm going to wear a hat and gloves too! (I'll have to get those fingerless gloves so I can still blog!) At the advice of another blogger I've started using vinegar instead of fabric softener (I still can't believe that actually works!). And DH regularly practices "hypermiling" to save gas. The list goes on, but I don't want you to think we're any weirder than you already do. Ha ha, too late, huh? :-)

Well I found a cool test on I took the test, and since I have the advantage of being married to a frugal Scotsman, I must admit, I scored pretty well, but they still had some good advice and tips I could use. If you are looking for debt relief, they seemed to have a lot of options available and advice. They even offer credit counseling.

Anyway, a cool and fun site - definitely worth checking out, even if you think you're doing pretty well.

And don't forget to look at the ground when you're walking around - a penny a day (or more!) adds up! (Just remember to watch your head if you're in front of an automatic door. Or, make sure your pants have belt loops for loved ones to grab you back with!)


  1. I like your money saving ideas! Good ones. I save money by washing my own hair before I go for a haircut, then I tell them to just spritz it and cut. Saves $$, and every bit counts! Love your blog!


  2. Ok, splain the vinegar please? What do it do and how much to use?

  3. Interesting ideas, the Bills IQ website was pretty good too! Got some ideas off of it.
    Btw, does waiting until something goes on sale count as saving? lol

  4. Glitzen, thanks for the tip - that's a good one!
    Nessa, 1/2 cup of vinegar is what you use instead of fabric softener - and I just put it in the fabric softener dispenser in my washer. I have only tried it so far on one load of towels, but they came out fine - soft and they did not smell like vinegar. I am going to try it in my regular laundry this week and I'll report back!
    Erin - YES! Waiting for a sale TOTALLY counts as saving money! ;-)


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