Sunday, August 24, 2008

Random Thoughts on Fair Food, Politics and Our Stupid Refrigerator

Firstly, when it comes to batter soaked in grease, I have to say I like zeppoles best - they're much easier to eat while walking around than funnel cakes or fried dough, and somehow, strangely, they don't seem AS greasy. I also like how you get to shake them in the bag with the powdered sugar, rather than balance them on a plate like the fried dough or funnel cakes. I have therefore determined, zeppoles are the best choice. Just thought I'd share that nugget of knowledge with you. Oh, and here's another little tip for ya: by the time you finish eating any of the above mentioned grease soaked delicacies, you're gonna feel really sick and realize it was

Secondly, wah wah wah - poor Hilary Clinton, she didn't even get VETTED by Obama for VP - oh the travesty! Good grief! The Clintons and their sense of entitlement! Since when is the winning democratic nominee OBLIGATED to vet his RIVAL for VP? Oh wait, last I checked - NEVER! Note to the Clintons: The party is over - GO HOME!

Thirdly our STUPID refrigerator is on the blink. Couple of weeks ago all of a sudden it stopped getting cold. The fan and everything else was working, but no coldness. Called a repairman and $75 later, discovered it was just a loose connection. Gah. But it's happened twice more and it's not exactly a loose wire, it's a plug that is somehow loosening (and luckily DH paid attention when the repairman was here and fixed it himself). We can tell exaclty when it's ok again because you can hear this sound like an air conditioning compressor turning on, and then voila, the coldness is back. I'm worried this is going to happen while DH is at work and I'm not so keen on pulling the fridge out and unscrewing the back to get to this dumb plug. DH has got to figure out a way to keep the plug plugged. I was just reading at NY Renovator and Strawbale House about how companies do "planned obsolesence" and man, my house and appliances are only 6 years old yet my front loading washer broke and had to be replaced, the microwave turntable is broken, the bottom rack of my GE dishwasher is totally rusted and needs to be replaced ALREADY, and now the fridge is turning off because of a loose plug.



  1. Don't think I've ever had zeppoles - just how greasy are they?

  2. Very good point about Mrs. Clinton. Word is that she told the Obama campaign that she did not even want to be vetted unless they could assure her that she would be the vice presidential nominee. They couldn't, so she wasn't. And now her "supporters" are all screaming to the high heavens. Fun.

    Will you be watching the convention? It should be interesting. If I had to to pick two nights to watch, it would be tonight and Thursday.

    Take care. Love your site!

  3. Amen about Hilary. If she had been VP, I honestly think she might have planned a secret little Obama assassination so that she could sit in the Oval Office. There's just something about her that doesn't sit well with me.

    As for the appliances, I agree that they just don't make 'em like they used to. Our frig is also making funny noises and is only 4 years old. Our washer and dryer that came with the house, on the other hand, are the same model as the ones that my mom used when I was a wee one and work fine. Go figure.

  4. How have I lived this long without having even HEARD of a zeppole? I can't believe there is a fried, greasy, sugary food out there I've not sampled. Is it a regional thing. I do love a good elephant ear.

    JD at I Do Things

  5. A few years back we had one of those 'fancy' electronic laundry machines with lots of buttons and lights and special programs for any kind of garment. Funny thing that thing kept on breaking every year or two.

    When we finally replaced that laundromat with our current one, we specifically looked for one with as little electronics as possible and ended up buying one with a simple dial. This much simpler machine has not given us any problems in the 7 years we have had it now.

    This has just proven to me again, that simple is often better.

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  8. Doll Clothes Gal and JD: Wow, I didn't realize a zeppole is apparently a somewhat regional thing. I live in NY where there is a rather high Italian population in the tri-state area - here is a link with a perfect description of a zeppole - I'm sorry you don't have zeppoles where you are, they are AWESOME:

    Len: You know, I wasn't really thinking of watching the convention tonight (for those who don't know I'm somewhat of a raging conservative :-), but yeah, I should totally watch - you're right! I'm going to plan on it. I may end up voting for Obama anyway, my vote is still up for grabs - thanks for inspiring me to watch.

    Moneyloveandchange: I just read somewhere in the last week that if Obama picked Hillary for his VP he'd have to have someone tasting his food and starting his car for him for the next 4 years! Yeah, if I was Obama I'd be pretty nervous knowing she was thatclose to being president. :-) And re: appliances. I can't even believe this but we just found a leak in our elbow under the kitchen faucet tonight - my house is ONLY 6 YEARS OLD! What next?!? Somehow I thought we'd at least have maybe 10 years before everything starts breaking.

    Mark: After our fancy front loading washing machine's motherboard went, and then 6 months later the drum bearings, we did the same thing - bought a plain jane top loader for what it would have cost to repair the front loader! Yes, I too agree, simple is better - less things to break.

  9. Yeah, I'd known about "planned obsolesence" allll these years but never knew what it was called. Wow. So that's the name for the plague that keeps killing off my appliances, lol.

    Oh, btw, it's not wise to tell Hillary to "go home." That means she'll come back to NY, to do her dirty work HERE! :-O Lord, save us!!!

    GREAT post. I love your Bad Idea posts.

  10. Cut out the plug and solder (or more easily, butt-connector crimp) the connection together. You can always cut it again later!

    It's not planned obsolesense as much as it is "designed to a price".

  11. hee hee, i love fair food. i actually ate 5 kinds of sea food in one day. ugh, think i am full now. lessee...clams, shrimp, calimari, scallops (skewered and wrapped in bacon..yum!) and crab cakes. i was in heaven.

    we went to the fair yesterday. i blogged about the trip there so far, but not the fair yet. we had fun!

  12. I don't trust like either candidate. Although I always vote republican/ conservative, I don't know if I can vote for McCain...I honestly don't know what to do. I think I'll just eat a zeppole.


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