Monday, August 18, 2008

We Weren't Planning on Hiking Five Miles, But... Part 1

We were just going out to do a little "geocaching errand". Real quick, zoop zoop. Then back home.

We parked at one of the trailheads of the AT (Appalachian Trail). Right here happens to be the "Dover Oak" - it's the largest oak tree on the Appalachian Trail. We've seen it before, but I had DH take pics to show you. It's cool.

The Appalachian Trail runs through our area, and we've hiked many portions of it in NY and in CT. In case you don't know much about the AT (Appalachian Trail) here are a couple of links if you're interested: Appalachian Trail Conservancy and Wikipedia. Basically the trail runs from Maine to Georgia through beautiful mountains, field and forest. It's a very popular trail for day hiking or overnights or longer. The trail is marked with these distinctive white blazes. They are a familiar sight in our neck of the woods, ha ha. See it painted on the tree to the left of the trail?

Sometimes there are turns or intersections along the trail. In those instances they use a double blaze, with the upper blaze either to the left or right, indicating the direction you should go, like this:

Anyway, we quickly accomplished our "errand" and DD says she wants to hike on further. We didn't even bring our backpack (that has really important stuff you want to have along on a hike like a first aid kit, bug spray, rain ponchoes, etc.) and we only had two bottles of water, but we figured heck, it's a BEAUTIFUL day, we've never hiked further along this section, why not just go a little further. It was uphill, but I figured, eh, let's get to the top and enjoy the view and then we'll turn back.

(On a side note, a kinda bad thing was that DH had made us some delicious pancakes for breakfast, so we were kinda still full of pancakes at this point, and believe me, those pancakes were slowing us down.  Hiking up a mountain on a full stomach is not exactly the ideal, but we soldiered on.)

A goodly portion of the trail was made up of planks because the area was a wetland. The thing I thought was kind of weird was that this was a rather steep hill, and I would not have expected a hilly area to be so wet. It was fun walking on the planks though.

So here's a picture from the top of the hill, although it doesn't really give you a good idea of how steep or high it was. (If you look in the distance at the mountain, there's a rocky area in the middle top. We've been up there before on that section of the AT, it's called Cat Rocks and there's an amazing view of the valley below.)

After enjoying the view DD says she wants to go on further.

Hmm. The trail ahead does look enticing. We do happen to know where the other end of this section of the AT comes out. Wonder how far that is...?

We decided to keep hiking.

To be continued...


  1. Have you ever read, "A Walk in the Woods"? It's about one individual's experiences trying a through hike on the Appalachian Trail. Unfortunately, he doesn't go through New York, but it's a wonderfully descriptive book with history about the trail and many of the places it goes through. I've read it twice. The only part of the trail I've ever been on is the Bear Mountain Zoo, though. :(

  2. In my younger days I loved hiking up and down the mountains in Sewanee now I'm lucky to walk down the block before my hip and back starts hurting. That's a great outing for family fun though, wish I was still agile enough for hiking.

  3. We have a number of Boy Scouts who want to come hike the trail for a High Adventure trip, we're in WI. I do know what it is like to think you are just taking a quick walk and then you end up going for a goodly hike. At least you had a great family adventure, we went fishing yesterday and it was so nice.

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  5. What a great adventure - I used to live nearby the trail and in the Fall and Spring conditions are spectacular.

  6. I love the photo of you guys stretched out at the tree. That is SOME tree! Actually, there is one almost that big in the yard next door... I'm going to have a get a photo of it! Thanks for the idea!

    Looking forward to see if you guys get lost???? :-O

  7. neat hike! love the view.

    on a side note...didn't know u were an American Girl fan! must have forgot that. we have felicity, nellie, elizabeth, kaya, and ruthie (the new girl in the house) Love 'em!

  8. What a beautiful place to hike. I never knew of the Appalachian Trail before reading this post. It sounds amazing! In enjoyed your pictures very much.


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