Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Little Bird Came to Visit...

I can tell cause he left his little birdie footieprints by our front door!
Well, our driveway is still a sheet of ice.  We tried breaking some of it up Friday afternoon.  It was very tiring and I didn't feel like we accomplished that much (if you missed my photo of it it's here) except now it has a light coating of SNOW on it from last night - gah!  What we need is some SUN and some temps above FREEZING!  Maybe today we'll get some meltage.
On Saturday we did some geocaching and went to an event called the "Great Middletown Mall Caper".  It was a geocaching event held in a mall since it's too cold to have an outdoor event.  We were divided into teams and it ended up being a sort of scavenger hunt - it was a lot of fun!  Now I'm sitting in bed at this late our with one eye on Saturday Night Live (Steve Martin is on, so it can't be TOO bad!) and DH is out playing darts with his buddies.
So, are you watching the Super Bowl today (or did you watch it)?  Doing anything special?  We don't usually get that into the Super Bowl unless it's a home team OR DH's favorite team - the Minnesota Vikings.  We always watch it though.  DD has already asked if she can watch tv at 3pm - apparently on Animal Planet they are having the "Puppy Bowl" and there's some kitty half-time show (that's the part I'm interested in! :-)

I think we're just going to chill and get a pizza (6 Weight Watcher points per slice I believe?) and maybe a few snacks.  There's this salsa and Velveeta dip thing we like that we haven't had in ages we were talking about making.  Oh yeah, and some beer (2 Weight Watcher points for light, 3 for regular, ha - that one I definitely have memorized! :-).  
One time years ago when we were first married and living in Binghamton we had come home (to the area where we presently live) to visit family for the weekend, as we often did, and instead of leaving to go back to Bingo-town at a reasonable hour like we normally would, we stayed and watched the Super Bowl.  Which was a major: 
We left so late that by the time we hit the long, dark, desolate stretches of Route 17 we were so tired neither of us could stay awake.  We ended up stopping at a rest area and slept for awhile.  When we finally made it home some time around dawn I called into work and left a voice mail for my boss about not coming in and I went to bed.
Well I'm thankful we don't have to drive to Binghamton tonight after the Super Bowl! :-)  What are you guys all doing for the big game (or what did you do)?
The end.
P.S.  It was posted a little late this week so I'm including it here, but on the topic of weight loss, take a minute to check in at Cindy's blog Fenced in Family for her Wednesday Weigh In and be inspired and she how she's doing - and feel free to join in!


  1. I love your little birdie prints! How funny, I have a birdie post on my blog right now too! Stop by and see a birdie video...hee hee.
    Keep it up on the weight loss. You seriously ROCK!

  2. I am a total ignoramus on tracks of any kind. On previous post that is about the ugliest icy road I have ever seen though we had a few almost that bad this winter. No super bowl here today. I gave up on pro football after reading to many reports on the crime and punishment page (especially the

  3. the little birdie must've been so cold and wanted to go inside your wonderful warm house!

  4. I love birdie prints in the snow. They look so cute. :)
    I'm planning on watching the Super Bowl at home...with plenty of snacks close at hand. The rest of my family don't really get into the game, but they like the commercials...and the snacks. :)

  5. Go Vikings! (Well, next year anyway.)

  6. Carole- I love this picture! You need to enlarge and frame it. :)

  7. We watched part of the Superbowl. As a Ravens fan, I really didn't want to watch the Steelers one more time this season! I digi-scrapped instead.

  8. The Vikings make me think about 50 First Dates, which was such a cute movie...Drew Barrymore loses her memory every morning when she wakes up, so her father and brother keep pretending it's the same day every day so she won't know she lost her memory. Every day it's her Dad's birthday, and every day they watch a tape of the Vikings game. Her brother very exhaustedly says, "Go Vikings." LOL Anyway, I love the birdie prints. For the Superbowl, we put on our 3D glasses for the Monsters and Aliens preview, which was lots of fun, and the commercial with the ballet dancing football was not such a good commercial because I can't remember what the product was. What a fantastic, exciting game!


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