Friday, January 2, 2009

Ok, Who Else Has Woken From Their Christmas Cookie Stupor and Realized...

...that they need to lose some weight?


Gah.  This is becoming a ritual.  I go on Weight Watchers for the first three months or so of the year, lose 20-25 lbs. and by the time the year rolls around between summer vacation and then the holiday season, I end up gaining most of it back.  Got a card in the mail December 31st from Weight Watchers - "Sign up now and get $25 off!"  They lie in wait, knowing you're gonna need them again...

This year they're got some new program called "Momentum".  I know as much about this new program as I do about Wilmington NC real estate.  At least it'll be a nice change, I know the old system (Flex) pretty well by now.  As long as this new system hasn't gone off the deep end like I have to eat nothing but water chestnuts and lobster tamale, I'm game.

I do it online.  I've never tried going to meetings.  It works for me.

You know what my problem is?  I know what my problem is.  My problem is that the amount of food I need to feel happy and satisfied is more than I should be eating for the weight I want to be at.  Not sure how to fix that.  The best I can seem to do is keep beating it back each year.

Anyone have any words or wisdom or encouragement for me?  If you're trying to lose weight too, what are you doing?

The end.


  1. Cedar here, waving her hand... oh yes, I think,.. (notice I say "think" as I haven't gotten on the scales) that I have gained about 5 lbs. maybe 7. After losing 29 lbs over 1.5 years I'm really ticked off at myself for letting this happen since Thanksgiving. Ok, so it's Jan.2nd. First day of rest of my life, right? We'll talk again in Feb?

  2. I'm there with you! I started off 2008 with great plans, then got hit with a double whammy of bronchitis and an ear infection in the spring. It took me months to be able to walk any distance again without breathing problems.

    So. Yeah. LOL.

    I made an attempt yesterday to walk the dog. And fell and fell and fell on the ice. My knees hurt.

  3. I understand. Last January I joined a club and said I was going, every week.. Ok so that lasted only 4 trips, lmao.. But as I get older I'm just fooling myself. I have an addiction and it's called Pepsi. Seriously a bad one. So starting Monday I'm back at the club, going to figure out how to WORK in a workout schedule. Good news is that 24hr fitness is opening up next to work in a few months and I hope to do this at lunch everyday. Oh yeah, I guess I need to eat better too!

    Good luck.. We all need it in the time of junk and fast food!

  4. I've been seeing in a few recent articles lately that people who eat slower lose weight because they'll feel full before they've eaten everything in sight. This is why the French, even though they eat all that rich fatty food, tend to be slim -- they just don't eat that much of it.

    Now, eating slowly hardly my forte, but I'm going to at least try to take less to the plate to start with and try to take smaller bites, and cut my meat into interminably small pieces, and we'll see how that goes.

    ... Or I could just break my elbows.... :)

  5. Living in Alaska, I find that I keep in pretty good shape during the summer because I'm always out hiking or biking. However, during the cold winter months - which are very long - I don't move around as much, I eat more, and I gain weight.
    This year I purchased a Nintendo Wii and the Wii Fit (, to assist me with keeping in shape. So far, it's worked out great and despite all my holiday snacking, I'm not gaining nearly the amount of weight as I did last year at this time. It's a lot of fun and really keeps me moving. :)

  6. I quit soda. I know that doen'st sound like a lot but I'm a person who used to drink close to a 12 pack of sodas a day by myself. I have discovered that I am able t drink more water.

    I'm sleeping better and I've actually lost a few pounds. I'm surprised.

    Good luck with it!!

  7. Hours behind the PC does not help neither. The only exercise I get these days is chasing a two-year old around all day. So far this seems to be enough, but I will have to make a plan to get a bit more exercise.

  8. Well, I'm embarrassed to admit this but I lost a lot of weight about 6 years ago. Almost an entire person of pounds. I had tried diets before that and all kinds of programs and they never, ever worked. I'd lose then gain it back. And, I was cranky.
    What worked for me was to eat everything I loved and wanted in smaller quantities and then EXERCISE every day without fail. I started out not being able to do much and then I got to the point where I could do anything. The stronger I got the better I felt and the weight just poured off.
    I can eat what I want to now because of the exercise and I didn't gain it back either. Diets don't work. They make you feel deprived.
    That's my secret.
    I'll cheer you on through Twitter if you need encouragement :)

  9. I agree with Mountain Woman, sensible eating and exercise are all that work. I've always thought Weight watchers is a crock and too hard to follow. I know that it does work for some people though. The main thing i've done is change the whole family' way of eating. No red meat and i buy very few temptations. I subbed ground turkey for ground beef and that alone takes away a ton of calories and fat. So that's my suggestion, fix the issue for the whole family. You'll all feel better and you'll lose the weight. Win/Win

  10. I went to another state to my MIL for Christmas. All we did was eat! I put on 10 lbs. Granted, 1/2 of that weight was bloat from that b!tch Aunt flo, but still. Will I do anything about it? Probably not. Why bother?

  11. In a nutshell, the Momentum Program is about eating appropriate portions of healthy foods. They stress eating the appropriate number of servings of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, drinking enough fluids, taking a multivitamin, and exercising at least 30 minutes most days. I too am back on the wagon. :)

  12. Hey, Carole. I needed to lose weight even before the cookie season...I mean Christmas season...started. I could stand to lose about 50 or 60 pounds. Agh, it pains me to say that. I wish Weight Watcher's wasn't so expensive...I just can't bring myself to pay that much for something I'm not sure I'd even do.

    Your statement about "the amount of food I need to feel happy and satisfied is more than I should be eating for the weight I want to be" is EXACTLY my situation too. I have good intentions, and I don't eat a bunch of sweets and chips, but when I start to eat a meal...I just want to eat and eat and eat. Sigh.

  13. Cedar - I know, it takes such work to take the weight off, it's so unfair how effortless it is to put it back on.

    Empty Envelope - yes - anything that gets you out of the routine of getting exercise makes it so hard to get back into it. I'm sure falling on the ice didn't help. :-(

    Tazdog - I hear ya. We all start with the best intentions but it's so hard to stick with a plan. If you've never tried Coke Zero and you're looking to break your Pepsi addiction, try it. I think it's the best tasting diet soda out there. Second is Diet Dr. Pepper. (IMHO)

    Andy - I love you man, but I gotta say I think you might have better luck with breaking your elbows. :-P Next time I see ya I'm gonna count your chews! :-D

    AK Mom - I have heard SO MUCH about how great the Wii Fit is - but I don't know anyone that has it, I'd love to try it!

    Elizabeth - I know, it doesn't seem like beverages could really add that many calories but yeah, soda, juice and worse yet - those yummy Starbucks drinks go down so quick and easy but they really can add on the pounds!

    Lyndi - Yes, chasing around a 2 year old IS great exercise! :-) For sure! But yes, hours spent in front of a computer sure don't help - I think these days people are almost more apt to become "computer potatoes" instead of "couch potatoes". Now instead of sitting in front of the tv, we sit in front of the PC...

    Mountain Woman - Very interesting and helpful comment - maybe once I drop the weight (AGAIN!) that is how I could keep it off. That's my real problem. That seems like a REALLY sensible idea. And THANK YOU - I'll definitely take you up on encouragement on Twitter!

    Nessa - great points. Actually DH has to be on a heart healthy diet so it's not even that we eat THAT bad or are THAT overweight - we already eat very little red meat and fatty foods...the weight just seems to sneak up on us...I think it's a little over eating here, a little over eating there...dinners out now and then, a couple of beers, portions a little too big...gah...!

    Dizzblnd - I know! It's amazing how a vacation or holiday can pack on the pounds!! And wow, I have had moments too where I just felt like, why bother even fighting it!!!!!

    Krissy - From what you're describing, the Momentum program sounds exactly the same as the "Flex" program I've done a few times before - what is different I wonder?

    Cindy - just so you know, Weight Watchers offers a free one week trial if you go to - in case you want to check it out to see if you'd want to try it online... I usually get my free week, then sign up for the three month "deal". Online it's $65.00 for the three month deal, which ends up being quite a bit cheaper than going to meetings in person. But, I know it's not for everyone. It just happens to be the thing that works for me. Well it helps me take it off anyway, keeping it off is another matter...

    You know, it would be so much easier if eating weren't SO DARN ENJOYABLE!!!!!

  14. The difference between Core and Momentum is that you still have to keep track of your portions. :D
    I like going to the meetings because I have a tremendous amount of weight to loose...maybe this time I won't give up. My leader lost 109 pounds. It's good to be someplace where you're surrounded by people in the same boat as you. :)

  15. Krissy - I meant what's the difference between this new "Momentum" plan and the old "Flex" plan? I guess it doesn't matter - I'll be joining up on Thursday, so I guess I'll find out then! :-P

  16. I have the same problem. The food that should sustain me, doesn't 'fill' me. Argh!

    I got the same postcard, lol.


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