Friday, February 13, 2009

I Taught my Daughter About Drugs at McDonalds

Funny story.  The McDonalds I ate at (see previous posts) is near one of our local high schools, and at lunchtime a lot of the teenagers come over for lunch.  (When I ate there the other day, the kids were all in there with their stacks of textbooks, but not me - I was reading the fine literary magazine "TV Guide".  I miss TV Guide's old small size it used to come in, but unlike Yankee Magazine, I can live with the new TV Guide.) 
One day DD and I were sitting by a window that looks out on the plaza next door.  As we were eating lunch we could see kids crossing the sidewalk, and kids milling about over there.  All of a sudden a police car pulls up and starts talking to one of the groups of kids.  Then another police car pulls up and two of the kids are told to sit on the ground - eventually they were put in the police cars and taken away.  DD asked what was going on.  So I explained to her how sometimes teenagers make bad decisions and get mixed up in using and/or selling drugs and I told her I'll bet those kids just got busted for drugs.  (I proceeded to explain more about that but I won't bore you with the details, I'm pretty sure you all know the evils of drugs.  Well I hope you do, anyway!)

I also told her that when she is a teenager I'm going to eat lunch every day at that McDonalds and watch and make sure she's not hanging with the bad kids.  :-)
Just kidding.


The end.


  1. I don't know, I think you should take her to Greenwich Village to teach her about drugs outside Uno's...

  2. We are already planning on how, in the future, we will secretly tail our daughter whenever she leaves the house on her own. She's 2.
    Man, I could really go for a Big Mac right about now. I love those.

  3. That's reason #392 why I won't have kids. I'd have to quit my job so I could follow them everywhere. I'd never get anything accomplished because I'd be living in a car, hiding behind bushes and pretty much annoying my kids 24/7.

  4. When I was raising my kids, many years ago we lived in the country, they rode the school bus and couldn't roam around town during lunch breaks or after school. Even school buses now can be pits of mischief. I just hope that my grandchildren are making right choices ... they know grandma will take them to the "woodshed!" Said with much love for them.

  5. Well - good for the police - at least they're trying to do something about the problem!

  6. You are funny. But I think that your promise (threat!) to eat at McDonald's every day when your kid's older is a good way to keep bad influence away! =D

  7. At least you started talking about it now.....earlier the better.

  8. You've gotta take advantage of the matter where it comes up!


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