Friday, February 27, 2009

More "Thoughts Too Short for a Whole Blog Post"

Attention: If you're a blogger and you want a large audience, may I suggest that you don't use a cuss word in the title of your blog?
Now and then I drink soda from a can without washing the top off.  If a rat walked on it, so be it.
I really really like owls. I hardly have anything "owley" though.

If our DD catches us "name calling" (like calling another driver an "idiot", calling someone on tv a "stupid doofus") she says, "If you call someone a name, then YOU are the same name YOU are calling them."  We don't let her call people names, so geez, I guess we can't be doing that either, huh?
Have you ever looked at your Entrecard price and thought, "Wow, I'm cheap!"

I've been listening to Glenn Beck on the radio lately.  I really like him, but he scares me.  I had to ask my Dad (who was a CPA), "Is everything going to collapse tomorrow and we're all going to be eating potatoes and wearing flour sacks, or what??"
Recipe for crockpot leg of lamb with prunes = no.

The end.


  1. I like owls and Glenn Beck too, in that order.


  2. No cussing... In the blog title itself, or the post title... I've got one covered, but ya know, I might slip on the other... I'm the same way with owls, and soda cans...

  3. I've made a braised chicken dish with prunes and it was fantastic. But they called them dried you know, make us not think they are prunes.

    So silly.

  4. Hehe. The more I know, the more I like you:).

  5. Yeah - what happened to all the owl stuff? Elephants, ducks, and cows all seem to be popular, where's all the owl stuff?

  6. I've quit looking at my EC price and ranking--it depresses me.

    Have I ever cursed in the title????? I'll be back, I've got to check.....

  7. I don't wash off soda cans either. The thought has never crossed my mind. I figure I'm still alive so!

  8. Glen Beck is an idiot oops sorry you adivised against improper terminology. Glen Beck frequently mistakes the facts knowingly. Is that better?
    I do love owls though and had a screech owl living in my woodduck box this winter

  9. I love your random posts..I do! i agree, I don't like profanity in the whole dang post. I like to think I could leave somebody's blog up even if my children walked by.
    Dh likes Glenn Beck. He likes all those scary types! They make me think..I don't want to think..hee hee.
    Owls are great! Scrapbook paper had a real thing with owls for awhile. Owls don't go with a lot of my photos though..but they are cute! :)

  10. Another great random post, Carole. You must not be too cheap since I don't have enough credits to advertise with you. :P

  11. Simply wonderful, Carole! I love it when you post about random thoughts. :)
    I love owls too, although I never see them here in Alaska. :(


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