Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Preface to the Weigh In

So before I have to face the dreaded weigh-in tomorrow, I figured I'd tell you how I've been doing this week.  As you may or may not remember, I had a few events going on this weekend and I was not going to "count points" - rather, I was going to practice using self control, making smart choices, and think carefully about everything I ate.  I have to change my habits so when I'm off this "diet" I can still keep the weight off, or at this point, I'd be happy if I kept MOST of the weight off.
Over the course of the weekend, I really did pretty well.  I even skipped dinner one night because I had a big lunch and I really wasn't hungry.  Ordinarily I would've eaten dinner anyway, because hey - it was dinnertime!  But I was paying more attention to whether I really was hungry or not instead.  So that was good.  The one "bad" thing I did was I ate a whole box of Hot Tamales.  (They are one of my most favorite things to eat.  I love hot cinnamon things like atomic fireballs and cinnamon red hots.)  Eh, so sue me. 
Another thing I had to face this week was I made a big corned beef dinner last night and I did not "count points" then either.  I was going to, but then I thought, in "real life" I am not going to be "counting".  I have to practice, and figure out how to face these real life situations in a realistic way.  So I thought very carefully about each portion that I took, and I savored my bites.  That went pretty easy.  In fact, I think I actually took less than I would have if I was "counting".  The tough part was though, that my mother-in-law brought a bunch of wonderful desserts.  But I still felt I did pretty well and used good restraint - YET I FELT SATISFIED.  I had a slim piece of chocolate cream pie.  Then I had three Italian cookies.  That was where I went "over" a little.  Thing is, Italian cookies are one of my weaknesses.  So I had a little trouble there.  I could have been happy with the two cookies.  But there was this jelly sandwich cookie there and I sort of just had to have it.  In fact, because it was a "sanwiched" cookie, I guess it was really like TWO cookies.  But you know what?  Overall, I thought I did pretty well.  I wasn't even "stuffed" or anything.  I KNOW I ate significantly less than I ordinarily would have.  I even stuck to just one beer.

I'm already thinking about vacation this summer and how I need to be more careful.  I mean, really, how can you go on vacation and only eat 1,000 calories a day?  No normal person is going to do that.  But on the other hand, if I'm for example, looking into Outer Banks rentals - maybe instead of spending the week eating fried shrimp and lobster drenched in butter I eat each of those once, and then eat broiled fish the rest of the time.  That's realistic.  That I can do.
Bottom line is, I'm sure I won't have a loss this week.  But I'm really ok with that.  I really do feel like I am getting more into the habit of making better choices, thinking about what I'm eating, paying attention to whether I'm hungry or not, and reducing what I eat at events and holidays.
Also, I have learned: do not have Hot Tamales, Italian cookies or Cheez-Its in the house!!!!  (Cheez-Its are my other downfall.)
If I'm stranded on a desert island here's my list:
Hot Tamales
Italian cookies
Coke Zero
The end.


  1. Cheez-its do me in every time too. Even typing the name is making my mouth water!!

    I think it sounds like you've done well overall when you stop counting. Not many people can restrain themselves like that.

  2. Good job!! I finally reached a point (probably blog about it later) where I realized that all the exercising and dreaming about exercising is NOT going to cut it. So I've been trying to keep a vague calorie count in my head and learn some self control. My pants are looser. So. We can do it.

  3. So, you took a week off from your diet and ate as best you could. It's OK to take a break once in awhile.

  4. You know what's weird? Sometimes, I can have stuff in my house that ordinarily, I would crave and devour. BUT once I bring them home, I don't want them. For instance, I've been known to leave my house @9pm to get peanut M&M's. But if I buy a bag and have them sitting on the counter? I'm just as likely to ignore them until one of my kids or husband asks if they can have them.


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