Saturday, April 4, 2009

Geocaching in Whitlock Preserve and, Wanna See A Deer Tick? Part 2

(Part one is here, in case you missed it.) (And thanks to those who identified the "mystery plant"!)

So, I happened to leave off just before we found the geocache, which is what led us to this lovely little place (Whitlock Preserve in Stanford, NY) in the first place.

This is a large size "ammo can" btw.  The ones we find around here are usually one size down from this one, so this was a bit of a treat to find such a large geocache, and it had a lot of great "swag" in it too!
So after signing the log and making our trades we proceeded on.  We left the forest and entered an area of old pasture that was going back to forest.
Although we were not close to the pond and swampy area anymore, there were still wet areas and yet another little bridge.
Not much further on we came to this.  Why no little bridge here??
As you can see the trail was surrounded by thick brush (which happened to be what we call "pricker bushes" around here), so there was no easy way around this giant puddle in the middle of the trail.  We ended up scrounging around and DH found a few decent size branches to throw across and we ended up balance-beaming our way across.  I'm happy to report we all still had dry feet and shoes on the other side! :-)
You can see we were headed back into the forest again once we were over the big puddle.
Another nice burrow for some lucky creature
Soon enough we were back at the parking lot and our car.  We made sure not to leave any "debris", ha ha!
Not long after we drove off DD yelled from the back, "a tick! a tick!".  This is a very common occurrence after a hike.  Normal protocal is DH uses his "speed parking" talent and quickly finds a spot to pull over, and it's usually DH who will take the tick, crush it between his fingernails and evict it's dead carcass out the window.  We live in an area that is just overrun with deer ticks, which are a carrier for Lyme Disease.  DH has had Lyme Disease three times now, yet somehow DD and I have never had it.  They are especially bad in areas of dry leaves and long grass, but you can pick them up anywhere.  A neighbor of ours who never ventured past her own mowed lawn picked one up unbeknownst to her and got Lyme.  I could go on, but it could turn into a whole 'nother post.  Anyway, after we got back on the road a minute or two later I felt something tickling my arm, I look down and, "a tick! a tick!".  So again, DH manages to go from 55mph to park in a matter of seconds, but you know, I'm always thinking of my bloggy friends.  So I said, "let me take a picture before you crush him to bits"....
So while my DH is heroically saving the world from another tick, I happen to look out my window to see where we've pulled off and it's quite picturesque.  So since I still had the camera in my hand, I decided to take a shot.  But then I realized the scene was not as picturesque as I thought.


Yes people, you may not see skyscrapers, tons of BMWs or fancy Audemars Piguet watches reflecting off the streetlights at 3am, but in the country you get to see nature at its finest.  Well, perhaps this is not one of nature's finest moments, but hey, all you city folk who never saw a cow peeing saw something new today! :-D
And with that, my friends, I will say, The End. :-)


  1. LOL - That is one prolific peeing cow! Looks like the woods around there are just starting to show signs of Spring. Whahoo!

  2. As many cows as I've seen in my life I swear I've never seen one horses on the other hand. Thanks for showing the pic of the tick. Not so many of them here, but it's always good to be able to identify them.

  3. Wow, Carole...I don't think I could have been as brave as you and actually take a picture of the tick before removing it from my arm. :)
    I'm glad you did though, because I've never seen one and although I don't think we have many of them up here, it's always good to know what they look like in case I do come across one while hiking.
    Great pictures of the cows too. ;)

  4. Having lived on a dairy farm for 30+ years (no longer) that's a sight I've seen,... haha.... And the tick,.. I was glad to see that it looks like it hasn't yet burrowed into your skin. I have to check my cat over frequently for ticks. I have a friend in Minnesota who has suffered from Lyme Disease, it's been tough for her. Everyone needs to beware of this danger.

  5. I've toyed with taking my son geocaching. We used to go letterboxing and really enjoyed our trips. We'll have to give this a try.

  6. Hahahaha! I love that you caught a cow peeing. That's quite a Niagara flow :o)

  7. OMG, I'm ROTHFL at the thought of someone yelling tick and going from 55 to zero flat. Your nature's finest picture is hilarious! BTW Carole - how is "SWAGGIN" goin?


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