Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tasks Complete!

Gingerbread House assembled then decorated by my niece and daughter?  Check!

Krumkakes done?  Check!
(Don't worry, I made a lot more than just this for all that work and scorched fingertips.)

And now I am about to make a fantastic gourmet meal consisting of:

(Hey, it was a busy day - so sue me for goin' prepackaged. :-P)

Well, I definitely broke my record for blog posts in a day (I think I posted 7 times today).  I didn't even plan on blogging all through the day, but it was kind of fun!  Did anyone else have fun seeing what I was doing all through the day?

*crickets chirping*

The end.


  1. I did! I did! I knew you were making a gingerbread house. I really like it because it's not overdone and scary looking. The kisses on the rooftop are just the right touch. Now can I have a piece of it. CHOMP!

  2. Yes, it was fun to read through your day. Your gingerbread house turned out looking great, and those little Krumkakes look good - especially with the whipped cream. :)

  3. I only caught this post but I can see you've been busy!

    My mini-cheesecake pan arrived from Amazon today so, of course, I had to try it out. Just polished off a Neopolitan Cheesecake. Yum! My waistline is really hating all the baking I'm doing but the tastebuds are happy.

    That gingerbread house ROCKS! I've got that on my to-do list for next week.

  4. Very nice looking baked goods! You deserve the packaged food for dinner.

  5. What a nice looking gingerbread house, Carole. You all did a great job. Dinner looks good too. :)

  6. LOL...I had fun seeing what you did all day! Woman, you must have infinite patience...all that stuff you do. Yikes! That's why I leave that kinda stuff to you pros. :))

  7. Mmmmm - it's been years since I've had krumkake! However, the kids have been clamoring for lefse lately - will you be making that, too?

  8. Too cute! We like making mini ones with graham crackers..I'm lazy like that. LOL.


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