Saturday, December 5, 2009

Just Want to Thank My Wonderful Readers

....for your condolences and kind words on the passing of my Basil kittycat.

I just really appreciate your empathy and sympathy and understanding.  I really do - thank you.

Now Mr. Q-ee cat is "top cat", but along with that promotion he now must shoulder the burden of suffering all my "cat love".  So far he is doing tremendously - exceeding my expectations in tolerating my affection.  He is "kneading" on me as I type - I can hardly see my laptop 'cause there is cat butt in the way.

Did you know that Q-ee is almost a foot wide?

Bit of a funny story.  On Thanksgiving, as I do each year, I put little post-its on the front door and slider (that goes onto the deck) that say, "please don't let the cats out" (except of course this year it was "cat" instead of "cats").  My kitties have always been indoor kitties because I know I just couldn't handle it if they didn't come home one night.  Anyway, late in the evening my husband's cousin says, "Should I let your cat in?"

"Wha...??!!!?  YES OMG LET HIM IN!!"

There is Mr. Q-ee ON MY DECK, OUTSIDE sitting by the slider, apparently wanting in!!!  He must have snuck out the front door when one of our guests left earlier, then decided that wasn't such a good idea and came up on the deck to hope someone saw him at the window.  Talk about a heart attack!!!  I just lost my Basil kitty the DAY BEFORE and now Mr. Fatty McFatcat decides to go on a little adventure!  I quickly scooped him up and begged him NOT TO SNEAK OUT AGAIN!!!

The end.


  1. I can imagine the pounding heart you had when you saw him outside. Last summer I had the horrible thing happen that my beloved Middy cat didn't come home. My house is back in the woods, not near a road, I thought she was safe. She was fleet of foot and very strong, but in July she went missing. So my new Jennifer cat is totally indoors. Sign is on the door everyday,... taped to the inside of the glass in three color large print. They ARE our babies,... JenJen sends greetings to Mr. Q-ee!

  2. Ack! Thank goodness he came to his senses!

  3. Isn't it funny how he knew he belonged inside? I had an indoor cat escape once thru an open window and then he came back via the open window.

  4. I have been very good about visiting blogs (or blogging at all) for the last few months, so I missed the news about Basil Kittycat. I'm so sorry :( I'm glad you have Mr. McFatcat to keep you company, though, and I am amazed at his wide-ness!


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