Monday, January 11, 2010

I Cooked Something I Saw on Another Blog - Chicken Riggies

Just before "plating" and adding some mozzarella cheese

On Saturday, I had nothing planned for dinner.  I live a mere 30 seconds from a grocery store, so I sat and figured I could make whatever I felt like, and just go get whatever ingredients I needed.  But of course when faced with making "anything I wanted", I couldn't think of a single. thing. I. felt. like. having.  I browsed my cookbooks, I browsed, I browsed magazines.  Nada.  Finally I thought of making something off of someone's cooking blog - at least that would be fun, and I could blog about it.  Except it seemed like all the blogs I could think of at that moment that were cooking related were baking blogs.  Except for - although I did already make something from that blog once - Hybrid Lasagna (my results here). Then, from the dusty corner of my brain I remembered there was something of my friend Rebecca's that I have wanted to make that I saw on one of her blogs - Chicken Riggies.  Apparently it's a "famous" Utica-Rome, NY regional speciality.  There's even a Wikipedia entry for it!

So I went to Wow Chow Cooking wasn't there!  I knew it had been posted SOMEWHERE on one of her blogs!  So I ended up Googling it and found it at NY Renovator.  So I made it.  And it was DELICIOUS!  I guess I didn't expect a chicken and pasta dish to be all that different or extraordinary, but the kick of the hot cherry peppers offset by the creaminess of the sauce was really good!  Definitely exceeded my expectations.  I like that you can really control the spiciness just by the amount of the hot cherry peppers you use.  Also, I cut the recipe in half and still had leftovers for the three of us.  We're going to have the leftovers tonight - I bet it's going to be even better!

Click here for the full recipe, directions and photos galore for Chicken Riggies and try it yourself!

And hey, if I'm ever in the Utica-Rome area of NY, I can brag that I've had Chicken Riggies!  It's not just a recipe, it's culture!

I'm open to suggestions for a future installment of "I Cooked Something I Saw on Another Blog" - leave me a link and I'll consider it for next time.

The end.


  1. Oooh! That looks good! The recipe makes it seem to meet my needs for "good" too. I've marked this entry so i can find it later!

  2. Thanks for telling about the Wow Chow Cooking site - I haven't heard of that one before, and that Hybrid Lasagna sounds like something we would like. :)

    BTW, check out the Cooking section - I really like her sense of humor, and her detailed step-by-step photos for recipes. And I did write a blog post about one of the dishes -

    One of my favorite dishes from a blog was Jeanette Lynton's 'Best Creamy Pasta Ever'

    Another food blog that I have actually cooked some recipes from is

  3. That looks so yummy and you are making me very hungry. LOL

  4. Cool idea! I always love Pioneer Woman food but it's so totally fattening. I'm a freak about her
    "Crash Hot Potatoes". Most of the cooking blogs I frequent are baking blogs too.

    HOWEVER, there's a really yummy one I've made a few things from called Smitten Kitchen. I've made a few things from her site.

  5. Wowsa, thanks for making ANOTHER one of my recipes! You are such a doll. I'm glad you liked it. I haven't made this in a while... and you're right, I do need to post it on my cooking blog, sheesh! Your photos make me verrry hungry...

    I have a hard time finding recipes, too-- you are right! Everybody posts baked goods! I am not find of them, because they are so fattening. I have a difficult time finding healthier foods for those "everyday" nights. I'm trying to fill that niche with my blog, but it's slow going. And a lot of the time, we have really basic stuff.

    Yeah-- you're an experience RIGGIES eater! You've made it to da top, baby!!!

  6. How about Pesto Chicken Grill Packets. It's on my blog but originally out of Rachael Ray's magazine.

    or break out your cast iron and try Crispy Pork Cutlets (America's Test Kitchen)

    or make a Grown Up Grilled Cheese Pressed sandwich (Inspired by Tyler Florence)


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