Saturday, February 20, 2010

I Love eBooks

One night we were having olive oil and balsamic vinegar to dip bread in and my husband thought they looked like frog eyes.  This has nothing to do with my post though.

So recently I got an iPod Touch, which is the best invention right after sliced bread.  I could go on and on about the amazing cool stuff it can do (like everything from finding Toronto hotels to TV Guide listings, to the show LOST theories, free internet radio and weather - the list goes on and on), but for today all I'm going to talk about it how AWESOME it is for reading eBooks!  People, this thing has changed. my. life.  The only drawback to the iPod Touch is it's smaller than a Kindle or Nook, but I don't find it a problem AT ALL.  The other big difference is that the other ereaders are not backlit - meaning, you need to use a BOOKLIGHT if you want to read in the dark!  The iPod Touch is backlit (and you CAN adjust the brightness) - which means I can read books practically under the covers while my husband snores peacefully beside me - it's GREAT!  I have suddenly rediscovered my love of reading, and there are apps to download Kindle OR Nook books - I'm not limited to one or the other!

Besides purchasing books online from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and the like - there are also plenty of free books to be had - even from Amazon and Barnes and Noble and a few other places.  One of my favorite places to be alerted to free ebooks is a great site called Books on the Knob.  Even if you don't have an ereader device, you can download programs (even the Kindle one) to your computer that will enable you to read ebooks on your computer.

So, the book I'm reading now is Tiger's Curse by Colleen Houck.  (I really am finding that I like Young Adult Fiction - I can do without the violence, language and porn in adult fiction.)  I almost gave up on it - it started off sooooooooooo slow, but it's finally picking up, and I'm glad I stuck it out - looks like I'm going to enjoy this one.

If anyone has any book suggestions for me, I'd LOVE them, and if you have any other good places to find free eBooks, please share!  I already know about all the classics available through the Gutenberg Project, but if you know of newer, popular books that are free, please share!

The end.


  1. Both of my books are available in digital versions. I love; if you wait until March 7, it'll be Read an E-Book Week and you can pick up both books for half off. So... $2.50 (No, that is NOT a typo!) for two books. Or don't wait and pick 'em both up for $5.

    btw, they also have a ton of freebies. It's a cool way to discover a new writer.

    Happy reading! (I use my iPod Touch as a reader, too. LOVE it!)

  2. @Susan - Wow, I will definitely check out your books, and also thanks for mentioning - I didn't know about that site and it looks pretty cool! Thanks!

  3. Anytime, lady. I'm all about connecting readers with books, so if you ever need anything, holler. I rave about authors who aren't myself, too!

  4. Did not know that you could read books on the ITouch. Another great reason to get one.

    All about readers and ebooks!

  6. Cool! I want to download the kindle ap on my blackberry, just keep forgetting. I love BOOKS!!! I usually have about three or four going at once. :)


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