Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Unexpectedly Visited Lake George Winter Carnival

Yeah, that's me.

We unexpectedly had "cabin" business to attend to (see this link if you haven't read our "story") and had to travel to the Adirondacks on Saturday.  Luckily, my husband noticed that Winter Carnival was going on in Lake George, so we went up a little early to check it out.  There was much more going on than we expected - I'm aware that Saranac Lake has a huge winter carnival - so our expectations were somewhat low for Lake George, but we ended up having a lot of fun.  Truthfully, it was just a kick in itself to stand in the middle of frozen Lake George.

I wasn't scared at all to be on the ice, although there were a few spots that I thought could use some wrinkle fillers, LOL.  But with all the snowmobiles and ATVs and people on the ice, not to mention a couple of small planes and a helicopter - well, I wasn't too worried about me personally breaking through the ice. :-)  I'll post more pictures very soon!

The end.

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