Thursday, March 11, 2010

Me and My Brown Thumb Were Gardening

The weather here in upstate NY was so nice yesterday - bright sun and in the 50s.  Although I had much to do inside, and as tempting as it was to just leave my butt on one of my not-so- modern sofas, I felt I just had to get outside and get a breath of fresh air and feel some sunshine on my face.  Got a bit of a case of cabin fever goin' on here.  So I walked around for a bit, my only intention to find some signs of spring, and soak up some sunshine.  I spotted this sign of spring - one of my irises poking through.  I have a ton of irises though...the reason I only noticed just this one is because, well, don't you see all that mess surrounding my sprout?  Brown-thumb-me never cleared out the garden from last summer so there was a ton of dead plant debris all over.  I started feeling bad about my irises, all trapped beneath last summer's plant carcasses.  So....


Here are the before and after pics:

Well, better late than never, eh?

See all the iris sprouts that were hiding under there?? 

Go irises!  Woot!

The end.


  1. Wow, I can't believe you have stuff coming up already! I have Snowdrops, but that's it. All my plants are usually 2-3 weeks behind everyone's anyway. I don't know why. Go iris!


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