Tuesday, March 9, 2010

We Are Unexpectedly Adding a Pet to Our Family...

I was not looking for another pet.  By any means.  I know we lost our Basil kitty last fall, but despite that, I still felt "pet fulfillment" with Tex dog and Q-ee kitty.  However.......  Someone knew of an adult pet that needs a loving home, and thought of me...  And this particular pet is like my "dream pet".  A pet actually, that I never thought I would have.  Because it is a purebreed.  My attitude is that there are so many pets at shelters that need homes - I'd rather just give a lonely, homeless pet my love.  And I certainly wouldn't purchase a purebred at a pet store (I hope you're aware of the horrible practices of the puppy mills and kitten mills that work like factories under sometimes horrifying conditions to produce pets for pet stores without care for the animals or the health of breed - if you want a purebreed go to a reputable breeder.  There is no worse place to buy a purebreed than at a pet store.  Don't google "puppy mill" or "kitten mill" if you don't have a strong stomach.). 

I do totally acknowledge that some people have very good reasons why they would want a purebred animal, but *I* just haven't personally had a good enough reason to forgo a homeless animal AND spend hundreds of dollars just to get a particular breed.  That's just me personally at this point in my life.  So all of a sudden I have this opportunity to have this pet.... 

So, I thought about it, and prayed about it.   And...I said "yes".  I hope this isn't a big mistake, but the circumstances surrounding this seem so "meant to be" I was reluctant to turn it down.  (And besides, with one more thing to chase around the house and clean up after, who needs hydroxycut or diet pills?  LOL...)

So our new family member will be arriving this weekend...I'll keep you in suspense until then....in fact, I am in suspense myself - *I* haven't even seen a picture of her yet....!

The end.


  1. Tex is going to love having a doggy friend to play with!!!!!

  2. We'll all be waiting to see your new "baby!"

  3. OOOOHHHH the suspense is killin' me - Please Carole just a couple of hints!!!

  4. I can hardly wait to see her!

  5. Holy cow, what are you doing?!?! Oh another PET. For a quick second, I thought..... well.. you know...

    Well that is actually kind of cool! Another critter running around! Think of all the blog post ideas you'll have! :D

    We have five pets. Yes, FIVE. And the kids want another one or two. *sigh* lol. We'll see.... I already have enough blog post ideas...

    I'm looking forward to seeing what you get!

  6. You are killing me here! I wanna see! LOL. We have 11 pets, and its crazy..but fun! When will you be posting pics? can't wait!!!


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