Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekend Recap

As you can see, we decided to color eggs this weekend.  It was a rainy, gloomy sort of weekend, so we stayed in and played Wii, took naps, colored eggs, watched some tv....that sort of weekend.  Believe it or not, our library system has Wii games you can borrow (though there's usually a pretty good wait list) and we had a copy of "Mario & Sonic's Winter Olympic Games" for the weekend.  DH played it a lot and seemed to enjoy it.  It didn't appeal to me very much.  I haven't even done Walk It Out in like a week; I've been bogged down with this cold.  I'm finally feeling better, but still blowing my nose a lot.  I did make it to church for Palm Sunday though, yay!

Last night we watched another part of the "Life" series on Discovery.  Have you been watching this?  It's a really awesome program - "Discovery Channel's landmark 11 part series "Life" tells the intimate stories of some of the most spectacular and bizarre plants and animals on the planet".  You can read more about it here

Later that evening I watched "Hoarding: Buried Alive" on TLC.  It's interesting how much each person's attitude about it varies.  Some people have no idea they even have a problem, some are aware it's a problem but don't care, some get very angry about having to clean things up, and some are aware it's a problem and are embarrassed and upset about it.  (Although it's certainly not a crime or anything to have a lot of stuff - I mean, it's your right to have as much stuff as you want - but in some cases it becomes a safety and/or health issue that ends up necessitating intervention - like mold all over, or a repair on the structure that can't be done because there's no access, or pet feces that isn't being cleaned up, or an elderly person who is in danger of falling over all the stuff, etc.)  They all seem paralyzed when it comes to doing something about it.  And gosh, I'm sure I'd be paralyzed too if I was in a situation where it got to be as overwhelming as the cases on the shows.  (I'm overwhelmed just thinking about my own basement full of stuff!)  It's not like at that point you can just simply have a garage sale, or simply just sell used books, or even just simply throw some of it away - there's just too much.  It's always a good feeling if it's an episode where the person's place gets cleaned up, and they seem happy about it, and like they will be able to overcome it.

Anyway, that was our weekend.  And here's how our eggs came out.  Quite a few cracked when they were boiled, so that's why a few of them are still white (we didn't color those).

Did you do anything interesting this weekend? 

The end.


  1. We did Easter eggs too- cousins were in town and that provided some cheap entertainment. Since I have a lot of food colors from all the baking I do, we tried making our own dye this year- and it works really well. I used some super-red gel dye and it created super red eggs. It was fun to make up some colors you can't usually get.

    I watch those horder shows too. It's amazing how much it gives you the urge to clean! My MIL is OCD with a hording component(pretty much anyone on that show has a mental illness). My MIL is no where near bad enough to be on a show like that but she has way too much clutter and stuff. I live in fear of her passing, in part because I know it will take many months to go through and throw everything out. All that stuff she's 'saving' will be tossed without a second thought by us. No doubt we'll throw away important family stuff in the process because it's all just mixed in together in tubs and boxes. Oh well.

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  3. Aw, being sick stinks! I hope you are all well now. :)

  4. We color our boiled ones too. I swear, when the girls get in the "coloring things" mode, nothing is safe. Anything may end up being dunked in those mugs! LOL.
    BTW, thanks to you I have been staying up late watching 16 and Pregnant, and I am HOOKED. :) I cried on the adoption one, with Caitlyn and Tyler. Tyler is the sweetest dad ever.


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