Thursday, June 24, 2010

Father's Day Geocaching Event Tri-State Treasures Four

Everyone signed into the event on the cake with food safe pens

My husband wanted to spend Father's Day at a geocaching event called Tri State Treasures FOUR in Matamoras PA.  (Here's the link to it if you're curious, however I'm not sure if you'll be able to view it if you don't have an account.  Tri State Treasures FOUR! An account is totally free if you want to sign up, and after you look at the page for fun you can do a search in your zip code and be surprised how many geocaches you are driving by every day in your area.)  We went to the event last year and had a really good time, so my husband was really looking forward to it.

Every geocaching event is different, but typically the events are free and rely on everyone pitching in to make it a success.  This event was no different and everyone brought some food to share, people donated raffle items, and people hid new geocaches for everyone to find before, during and after the event.  There were also some fun games.  I rarely post pictures of myself on here, but for your enjoyment, here is a picture of me trying to throw an ammo box (a very commonly used container for geocaches) full of sand the farthest. 

 Don't I have nice form?  LOL...

My husband actually came in fourth in the men's competition.  There was another fun game in honor of Father's Day. Dads paired off with one of their kids and decided between them which one of them would wear a blindfold.  The other had to shout directions as the blindfolded partner ran a distance to a fence, found their designated colored container, then ran back and dropped it in a hula hoop first.  Some teams were playing for fun, but clearly others were out to win!  It was hilarious.  Here is a picture of my husband (blindfolded) and our daughter running behind telling him where to go:

 My husband is the one in the tan shorts.

All in all it was a very fun day.  After the event ended, there was time to find some geocaches.  One of the ones we found led us down to the Delaware River.  It was a pretty hot day, so we took some time to dip our feet in the cool water.  Luckily I was wearing my "hiking sandals" as was our daughter, so we could just walk right in.

My gaily painted toenails seem a silly contrast to my rather "rugged" and dirty sandals. 

 But who says you can't have pretty toes, even while you're hiking around?  :-)

Here's a shot of the pavillion.  In this shot, you can't see a lot of people, but there were over 100 people there.  There was a ton of food, a grill, picnic tables, and a long table with raffle items (evverything from geocoins, to hats, t-shirts, geocaching containers, atlas/map books, headlamps, etc.).

All in all, a fun day, and my husband said he had a very good Father's Day.  Now we had invited my Dad to come along (he even has his own geocaching "name" and account and has many a time tagged along and found geocaches with us), but he was invited to dinner at my brother's and we would not likely be back in time for that.  So we suggested that we'd have him over another night to celebrate a belated Father's Day, and he was fine with having two Father's Day celebrations.  :-)  (Plus my Dad is just a great guy and is not one of those parents that gives you "grief", you know what I mean?)  I have a fun treat planned for the grill...if it turns out well, I'll share some pics from our second Father's Day celebration.

The end.


  1. WOOHOO you go, girl! So. Did you win?

    It sounds like a really cool day. I have gone nowhere, done nothing. YOU should have the travel blog!! lol

    That is a cool cake. I so LOVE cake. Too much, lol! This one looks too good to ea--- nah, never mind.

  2. Sounds like an awesome Father's Day! What a cool event! (and I love your "fancy feet" as we call a pedicure)


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