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The Adirondacks Old and New, on the Internet

From Steve Gross' Frontier Town (

Last night I got an email that I had a new Twitter follower.  Whenever I get one of these, I always check out my new follower's profile to find out a little about them, to see if I want to follow back.  I read their recent tweets, and if there is a website associated with a person's profile, I almost always will click on it.  Well last night's new follower turned out to be quite an interesting gem - it was the Embers family.  Turns out they live in Florida, but bought a somewhat run down motel and diner in the Adirondacks, and their whole family is working together to restore it, and run it.  Their story so far is quite remarkable, though their last blog post is a bit of a "cliffhanger" (they assured me an update is imminent though, LOL).  I'm not sure how long I spent on the website reading all about it, but just to give you an idea, here is just one set of before and after pictures:

Make sure you also read the "About Us" section of their site, it's hilarious!

Wow, what an amazing transformation!  All that's left is a little landscaping and a couple of Adirondack chairs out front (I recommend a polywood adirondack chair - they're made from recycled plastic and they never need to be repainted - sweet!!).

After I finished browsing their website, I went to Google Maps to see where in the Adirondacks their place is located (they are in North Hudson, NY).  When I saw the map, I noticed that very close by is Frontier Town!  Did you ever go to Frontier Town as a kid?  Sadly it's been closed for quite a few years now, but there must be many of us who remember going there as a kid.  I decided to Google Frontier Town just to see what might be going on with it nowadays, and I found this wonderful website by Steve Gross at which includes a plethora of information, photos, history and memories.  I ended up immersed in THAT website for a while, as well.  Does this postcard bring back any memories?


If you want to relive your old memories, or just curious about whatever happened to Frontier Town, check out Steve's wonderful website.

So, after having my fill of all that was Frontier Town, I decided to send out a tweet with a website link to share with anyone else who might find the Frontier Town site interesting.  And who should reply?  But my new friends the Embers!  They tweeted back asking me if I ever went to the Land of Makebelieve.  I had never heard of that place, so they sent me a link to the website for the gentleman who created the Land of Makebelieve and who also created some things for Storytown. (Remember Storytown?  I'm happy to say that although the park was bought by Great Escape, they kept some of the Storytown rides and displays and you can still enjoy them today.)  Even if you never went to the Land of Makebelieve or Storytown, if you enjoyed those kitschy theme parks from our childhood, you'll probably find this extraordinary man as interesting as I did - Arto Monaco Historical Society.

From the Land of Makebelieve Photo Gallery at

Arto Monaco also had his own line of toys - they are the most beautiful and whimsical creations!

Click here to see a photo gallery of more of Arto's unique toys 
Photo from

So last night, thanks to my new Twitter friends the Embers (you can follow them too - @emberfamily) who started it all by following me, I spent hours on the internet checking out their project of revitalized Adirondack cabins and eatery to come in the future, and browsing memories of Adirondack attractions of the past.  What a fun night!

The end.

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  1. What a cool story! I love getting "lost" on the internet. I usually do it on horse sites, lol. Its so neat that you followed the trail, and had such a great time learning more and more about areas of interest. COOL!


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