Wednesday, July 14, 2010

More Thoughts Too Short for a Whole Blog Post

We were actually away all last week on a spur-of-the-moment vacation.  This was the view from the deck of the place we were staying.  The view is of Jiminiy Peak - a popular skiing destination in northwestern MA, in the Berkshires.  More to come on our vacation...I am still catching up, doing laundry, etc.  We actually just got home from having to drive a form up to our local 4H office that had to be in today; I didn't expect to be on vacation last week and didn't think to get it in the mail before we left.

I am bored of the current style of photography which is using a macro lens for everything.  How many more close ups of blueberries or earrings can I look at?  Yes, give yourselves a pat on the back, you know how to use a macro lens - yes I see what a wonderful job you did of getting this close up object so clear, and the background so fuzzy and out of focus, woo hoo. 

I totally realize that some restaurants wish to discourage families with children.  I am not offended by this in any way, I think that's fine.  (A big clue that a restaurant discourages children is when they don't offer a children's menu, or have booster seats or high chairs.)  I just wish there was some way to know AHEAD of time that a restaurant doesn't want kids.  Like there should be a little sign out front, or lightpost with a purple light, or SOMETHING to let me know that there's hardly going to be anything for my kid to eat.  This way we could choose somewhere else and make everyone happy.

The book "In defense of Food" by Michael Pollan was great - I read it on vacation.  If you liked Food Inc., I think this book is a great follow up with some practical advice that really makes a lot of sense to me.

Took our daughter to a pediatric urologist after her second kidney stones episode (the first one was two years prior).  The Doc didn't see anything wrong from her blookwork etc., but he wants to do some non-invasive investigation, as two kidney stones in a kid is very uncommon.  So we're apparently getting a kit in the mail to save her pee for 24 hours and then send it in to be analyzed to look for any possible "metabolic" causes, and we have to schedule a kidney ultrasound to look for any abnormalities.  What fun!

Occasionally my daughter gets an issue of "Teen Beat" or whatever and I have to admit, I like reading those magazines.  I also get copies of the National Enquirer from my mother in law who subscribes, and I LOVE looking at all the photos from the red carpet and what the celebrities are wearing.  I also love the weight loss stories from People magazine.

Why do so many female Disney stars have to turn slutty once they're out of Disney?  I can only assume it's because that's what they believe will launch them into the next phase of their careers and make them appealing to adults.  However, I would like to point out that Taylor Swift isn't the slightest bit slutty and I'd say she's pretty darn successful!  It's a shame to see so many of these female Disney stars head down the wrong road once they hit 18.  It's easy to see that Miley Cyrus has got her blinker on and is heading that way too.

The end.


  1. Just count your lucky stars that you're collecting pee and not poop! :D

  2. How did it happen you read the book Food Inc.? I never heard of it until my daughter, who recently started chef school, recommended I read it. I am hesitant. Is it like a documentary?

    Good luck on collecting the pee. I had to run after my dog to collect pee. Crazy!

  3. @Karen - Food Inc. is actually a DVD - and yes, it's documentary basically exposing our factory-like food production system for meat and vegetables in the US. It's really eye opening and I highly recommend it. It makes you think more about the food choices you make. I borrowed it from our library, but I know you can get it through Netflix too. I just heard different people mentioning it and it made me curious - that how I came to watch it.


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