Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Apparently Upstate New Yorkers Like BBQ Chicken in the Snow Too

So after I posted the previous entry, I heard from my dear, dear friend in Syracuse, NY.  In particular she confirmed the "You go out for a fish fry every Friday."  However, she also had her own, "You Might Live in Upstate New York If....." - here's hers:

"You know you live upstate if you decide to skip the Fish Fry one Friday and instead go to the Chicken Roast held at the local church every Saturday!  They actually sell out and you need to reserve your chicken ahead of time!  There are all these old dudes are outside in a blizzard roasting chicken on a giant charcoal grill in the snow!"

She also mentioned that:

"We GRILL in -10 degrees frequently!"

And on the topic of driving in a blizzard:

"I also have driven up my hill sideways fast, in a snowstorm- determined to GET HOME- thank goodness for Blizzak Tires!!!!"

I have something to add too, though it's a rant...  Another phenomenon about living in a snowy area is that when there is even a hint of a storm coming, everyone rushes out to the grocery stores to buy milk and bread and who knows what to "stock up".  Which is the silliest thing ever because it's 2010.  It's not like the olden times where a good snow storm could leave you holed up for days or weeks!  We have snowplows that are able clear the roads the vast majority of the time in a fairly quick manner.  At most, unless it's like the blizzard of the century, you might be stuck home for one day.  What, you can't live without a loaf of bread, or eggs or cereal or acne products or whatever for ONE DAY?  You don't have a crumb of food in your house or a square of toilet paper that you can't survive for one day while the roads are bad?  Whatever.

Any other Upstate New Yorkers have any other addendums to "You Might Live in Upstate New York If...."?

The end.


  1. I've been stuck for about 3 days in my house because of snow (a few yrs ago). Now mind you that was Ohio, and we don't get AS much snow as you upstate NY... If you get a heavy dumping and they get the main roads - great. but it takes a while to get all the side streets! I couldn't even get my car out. Freezing rain does a number too.... so I don't think stocking up is a bad idea!!!

  2. I'm always stocked up. My driveway is a quarter mile long and there have been many times when I couldn't get out for 2 or 3 days. Twice since I've lived here, no snowblower or plow could make it up (uphill driveway) and we had to have a bucket loader remove the snow. I hope not to go through that again.


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