Monday, December 13, 2010

Annual Cutting Down of the Christmas Tree

That's my Dad and husband cutting down this year's tree

It's been our tradition for many moons to cut down our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving.  Which is pretty killer, because I am usually worn to the bone after hosting Thanksgiving for 15-20 people.  But, it's a fun thing to do and we have had many, many funny adventures over the years, which we always reminisce about.  "Remember the year we rode in the rickety "wagon of death" to the Christmas tree field?"  "Remember the year it was raining and Mom lost her umbrella in the field and my little Plymouth Colt was wet inside for months?"  "Remember the year we drove to like 8 Christmas tree farms 'cause we couldn't find a "good" tree?"  "Remember the time we decided to have lunch at the little restaurant across from the Christmas tree farm and it took like two hours to get our food?"  "Remember the time we cut those trees at the top of that hill where the wind was blowing at like 60 miles per hour?"  "Remember last year when we got our tree from the scary field under the powerlines where they probably used nuclear waste for fertilizer?"  Good times, good times...

Well, this year was actually pretty uneventful, which was actually pretty nice for a change!  We don't even know what kind of tree we got, but it might be a "concolor fir".  It was a pretty, bluish color and seemed to be nicely shaped.  We are much less picky than we used to be.  Nearly any tree looks just fine with all the decorations on it, really.  Another nice thing is that nowadays we have my pickup truck, and throwing the trees in the back is waaaaay easier than the days of trying to tie them to our roofs or stuff them in our trunks.

Of course getting a real tree has a few drawbacks to an artificial tree.  First of all, you have to buy a new tree every year, and they ain't cheap.  We were actually fairly satisfied with the price of this year's tree - $45.  Not too bad.  Then you have to keep the tree watered if you want it to stay pretty nice and not drop a lot of needles.  But it does eventually start dropping needles which you kind of have to sweep or vacuum up to keep up on the mess.  Also, apparently some people are allergic to the trees, and who wants to find out you have to go to allergy treatment austin after you've gone through the trouble of chopping it down and putting it up!

However, on the flip side, there's nothing nicer than a real tree.  And as you can see, we have certainly made lots of memories over the years when we've gone to go chop one down!  :-)  If you've never had a real tree before, here is a post I wrote last year that has some helpful tips:  How to Cut Down and Care for a Real Christmas Tree 101.

So, the very day we cut our tree down, we brought out all the Christmas decorations and put it up!  It was so exhausting after all the work of Thanksgiving, but boy was it nice when it was done to know it was DONE!  And then we have the rest of the holiday season to enjoy it.

Do you cut down your own Christmas tree?  Do you have any funny stories about cutting yours down, or maybe you have a funny story about your artificial one?  When I was a kid growing up we had an artificial tree and we have pictures of the four of us, sitting in front of our newly put up Christmas tree as it fell over behind us!  Good times...good times...

The end.


  1. Beautiful tree!!!

    I remember my Dad getting real trees every year when younger. I haven't had a real tree since he passed away. I hope to get a real one next year.

  2. I don't think we've ever cut our own tree, if we did it was as a kid at a Christmas Tree farm. Now we have an artificial tree, my husband says he's allergic to real trees. I miss the smell of a real tree!

  3. We always had a real tree. Here in Germany you can hardly find a nursery were you can cut your own tree. Most of them come from Danemark.


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