Friday, December 17, 2010

Do You Seem To Be Getting Less Christmas Cards??

I'll tell you, *this* years card display could use a dose of hgh supplements!

That's a shot from LAST year, and that wasn't even all the cards we ended up receiving.  This year, so far, we literally have gotten like, five or six cards!  What's up with that??  Either suddenly everyone hates us, or something else is going on...  Is it because of the economy?  Maybe between the cards themselves and the postage it's just too much?  Is it because of Facebook?  People post so many pictures there is seems redundant to go through the trouble of sending cards?  Are people just late this year in sending out their cards?  ???

I say all this as a guilty party myself.  We usually have sent all our cards out long before now.  The reason we haven't sent ours yet is because we did photo cards for the first time, and I didn't plan very far in advance (however, I have them in hand now and they WILL go out probably Monday...). We usually send out about 65 cards.  If you know anything about my husband, you will not be surprised to know he has a whole spreadsheet for Christmas cards.  Not only is it for name and address, but there are also columns to keep track of who sent us cards, so we're sure to reciprocate with those who sent us cards.  We usually have a grace period of a couple of years before we cross someone "off the list", if someone didn't send us a card back, but I must admit, this year with the cost of postage plus our own need to be more financially conservative, we sort of ended the "grace period" practice.  If we sent you one last year and you didn't send us one, you got "voted off the island" - sorry!!  :-(  (However, if someone sends us a card that we didn't send a card to, we always have some extra cards aside to send one out quickly in return.)  Ya know, we just think it's nice that someone took the time to think of us and send us a card, so we like to return the sentiment.

Anyway, have you noticed you have gotten less cards this year?  If so, why do you think that is?  Or are we just on everyone's naughty list this year?

The end.


  1. You're not the only one! My husband and I were just commenting on the low number of cards we've received. I never thought I'd be one of those people who kept a Christmas card register, but... I do like to get cards in return for the ones I send. Then again, I feel like this year a lot of people aren't really in the holiday spirit at all, so that might have something to do with it.

  2. I think you're right.

    The only cards I have received this year are from people with newborns, or littles, and my Dad who got married this year so sent one of those photo cards.

    Actually all of the cards I got this year have been photo cardsfrom Shutterfly (except Dad's) and not one of them was written on.

    Sign of the times, I guess.
    But I do like getting the pictures. And these people must really love me because I almost NEVER remember to mail my cards!

  3. It's a good thing we blog and stay in touch and therefore can wish each other Merry Christmas. I am lousy at sending Christmas cards, and would have been "voted off the island"! LOL

  4. @Carol & @April - Whew, glad I'm not the only one! I was giving myself a complex...LOL

    @Rebecca - Well that is the bright side - nowadays there are plenty of ways to keep in touch besides a Christmas card sent just once a year, so anyone "Voted off the List" can certainly still call, email, visit, chat with me on Twitter, or wave at me in the grocery store, etc. LOL It's all good. :-)

  5. My mom just said yesterday "we haven't gotten many cards this year"

  6. When I saw this post, my immediate reaction was to think of how many (or few, I should say) cards we've gotten this year. So far, we are in the 4-5 cards range! Normally, we have a door full of cards (like your picture). I think you're right in your analysis... could be a sign of the times, as well; people do seem to think that sending letter is an "old fashioned" thing these days... it's really too bad!

    Well, I do hope you receive more Christmas cards... and for my part: Merry Christmas! :D

    ~ Miss S.

  7. I never liked the whole obligation thing about Christmas. I like to send cards or give gifts at random times throughout the year. Truthfully, I'd rather get a Jacquie Lawson or other nice card on the computer than get a paper card. I love REAL expressions of love or friendship rather than obligatory Christmas stuff.

    A nice comment on my blog is worth more to me than money :-)

  8. I wasn't going to send out Christmas cards this year due to the expense of stamps but my hubby said we should. So, we sent out one batch already then had to buy more batch is going out tomorrow.

    We haven't gotten that many Christmas cards this year too.

    Even with the economy in the toilet, it is nice to do what is now considered old fashioned...and send out letters and cards.

    I love the nostalgia of it.

  9. We almost didn't send out cards this year, or get a tree, or get any presents for the kids because of our personal economy. Then I thought I should at least go to the dollar store and send out some cards. Then we got a little windfall, enough to get some Walmart cards, a tree, and some little things for the kids. Then I had to wait until we had the money for the stamps. Happily, yesterday, we finally got out our cards. So, they're late. I also got some baking ingredients so there will be gifts for everyone else too. :) We have no shortage of Christmas spirit, though. You don't need anything special to wish Jesus a very happy birthday. :)

  10. Yes! We were just talking about this. I blame Facebook. I'm sending photo cards out, and I have for 16 years. But I have not receieved many at all, compared to most years. And I enjoy them so much! I'm a bit disappointed, I just miss the joy of opening them and hanging them. I always read Christmas letters twice, once when I get them and once again before I put them away.

  11. Same's dwindled every year but this year and last are by far the worst. I bet I haven't rec'd a total of 10 cards.


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