Friday, December 10, 2010

More Thoughts Too Short For a Whole Blog Post

So our daughter has it in her mind now that she wants to learn guitar (she already plays violin and piano), which by all means is fine with me, so I've been letting her fool around with my guitar (I know how to play, but not well).  But as you can see, the thing is like practically as big as she is, LOL!  My Dad is giving me a ukulele for Christmas (I believe it's a soprano uke, if I recall correctly) and it's tiny - kinda like the kind Don Ho played.  That instrument will be much more her size!  I told our daughter I'll share it and we'll learn how to play it together. 

I wish someone would invent better packaging for a block of cream cheese.  I mean, I realize that I can't expect fancy packaging for the cheapest form of cream cheese, but, by the end of the block the wrapper gets so gross and messy and crusty and...yick!  Surely there's a better way that isn't more expensive?  I hope someone is working on that.

Been having problems with one of my email accounts (Yahoo).  The search function suddenly stopped working properly.  Been sending support tickets and even did a live chat with a Customer Service rep last night, to no avail.  Would you believe it's been a known issue for over a YEAR!  And still not fixed?? ZDNet Article about the Yahoo Mail Search Bug  I don't know about you, but I have about a bajillion receipts, account information emails, passwords, etc. that I need to be able to find!!  I think I have found a solution to my problem (since I'm not holding out hope Yahoo will fix it), and I'll report back if it turns out that it works.

My hairstyle is such that my hair is parted to the side, and unless I have it tucked behind my ear, sometimes my hair hangs in my face a little bit - just enough to affect my peripheral vision a bit on that side.  Which normally is not a big problem.  However, there is this one store in the mall that I shop in sometimes because it has the type of clothing and whatnot my daughter likes and they have a bunch of mannequins and cardboard displays set up around the store.  Whenever I shop there, I constantly think someone is right next to me, or looking over my shoulder - because of my hair in the way, I just see a "form" or "body" there and keep thinking these mannequins or cardboard cutouts are a real person.  It makes shopping there very disconcerting!!

Can you believe my own husband hasn't been reading my blog lately?  Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice.  LOL...!  (Sometimes he gets busy and doesn't read it for a while, but then he does go back and catch up.  Especially when I start telling him that I wrote stuff about him, ha ha...! :-)

The end.


  1. I think it's so cool that your daughter plays violin! My son wanted to, but we had no idea how to teach him. So he plays piano and bass now.

    I'm sorry about Yahoo mail. Google has some "known" bugs that they refuse to fix, too, like being able to allow a domain to expire. It won't let you, and will charge you $10 on your credit card automatically! Just another reason why I hate Google. :(

    I have the same hairstyle. And the SAME shadows. It is weird! lol

  2. For your email problems, you could always switch to Gmail, but I am a little biased :)


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