Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Scrapbook Explosion in Our Dining Room

Scrapbooking is one of my hobbies.  I rarely scrapbook at home though.  Usually I go to "crops".  It's one of those things that if you're going to do it, and enjoy it, you need an area to take out all your "stuff", AND you want to have a nice big chunk of time to work on it, to make it worth the big mess.  My daughter also loves to scrapbook, and it is a really fun thing to do together.  We had a rare weekend with some free time, so we took over the dining room and worked for practically a whole day.  A scrapbook is so much nicer than just a photo album because not only is it decorated nicely but more importantly, I write lots of notes along with the pictures to record the memories and stories associated with those photos.  I also write the names of everyone in the pictures so that someday when I'm not around, my (hopefully) grandchildren and great-grandchildren will know who those people in the pictures are.  (Or when I go senile, I'll know who those people are, ha ha!)

Scrapbooking can be very relaxing.  We had my computer set up on a snack tray and we were playing "Lassie" Christmas episodes while we scrapped.  Wine + Scrapbooking is also a good combination.  :-)  Sometimes when I need a little break I just play with some of the cool things I've accumulated over the years.  I have a cutter that can cut perforations, so I can make my own coupons.  I even have a punch that can make gift tags and name tags.  But there is nothing more satisfying than completing a book and knowing  you have recorded your own family history.

Between all this scrapbooking I've done, and the work I've done researching our family tree, I hope someday somewhere along the line somebody cares about all this, LOL!

The end.


  1. Your table looks like how mine does everyday LOL. I always have so many things going on at once...crafts, couponing, mail etc. I really need to get a table for my upstairs spare room so that I can do all my stuff up there and not hog up the kitchen area.

    I love to scrapbook too!!! Sounds like you both had a wonderful time.

  2. I absolutely love your scrapbooks, and have been the very blessed recipient of two of them. You do a wonderful, wonderful job!!!!!


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