Tuesday, May 10, 2011

No Need to Replace the Broken Lawn Mower Pull Cord - I Fixed it!

April showers don't just bring flowers, they bring grass back to life.  And then it starts growing.  And then ya have to mow it.  If you are a long time reader of this blog, you may remember this is not the first time this lawn mower has been my nemesis.  (If you need your memory refreshed, or you'd like to know how a lawnmower can cause me such grief, you can read my post, "Me Vs. the Pushmower".)  I guess since the lawn mower hadn't been used all winter, it was more reluctant to start than usual.  The husband even started it the day before, for me, thinking that it would help make it easier for me to start the next day when I planned to mow.  Nope.  Not for nuthin' that dang blasted @*$%!! lawn mower did not want to start.  I wasn't getting putt-putts, or the promising scent of gasoline, or even a few puffs of smoke.

Well, I was not going to let that lawn mower beat me.

So I pulled and pulled and pulled and pulled and pulled and pulled.  Rested a bit.  And pulled and pulled and pulled.

And then, in a last ditch effort by the evil lawn mower to get me, the lawn mower pull cord broke.

Undeterred, I went in the house and got a couple of twist ties, tied the @#*$&@$ pull cord back together, and continued my relentless mission.

I may have strained every muscle in my arm, shoulders, neck and back, but by golly, I got the lawn mower started, broken pull cord and all.

In a surprising moment of mental acuity, I had the twist ties in my pocket at the ready, because now that I had to tie the broken lawn mower pull string back together, making it shorter, it would no longer reach the "holder", so I used twist ties to secure it to the lawn mower handle (otherwise it would just drag on the ground).

No need to replace the pull cord - just give me a knot and a couple of twist ties, and HA, I fixed it! Take THAT lawn mower!!!!!

Look how dirty my hands are.  For Pete's sake, I hadn't even DONE anything yet, other than try to start the stupid lawn mower!

Although I was totally exhausted by this point, the rush of adrenaline from beating the lawn mower gave me enough energy to forge ahead and mow the lawn as planned.  The sweet part comes after the push mowing is done, 'cause then I get to cruise around on the tractor and zone out.  Do you also go into a zen like state while mowing?

Although I have my moments of difficulty, and I do sometimes catch myself looking enviously at smaller city lots or mobile homes lots with smaller yards, I do actually strangely enjoy mowing the lawn. 

Do you hate mowing the lawn, or will you admit you kinda like it too?  :-)

The end.


  1. Yes, our mower wouldn't start today either. So I gave up and fixed the pipes under the sink instead. Pfffft.

  2. Our lawn mower also didn't start today. And unlike most trailer parks, we have a huge yard to mow. We can even go fishing in our own yard. Thankfully, we have a working ride on mower, but you can't get everyplace with that. Thankfully (again) we have really nice neighbors who mowed what we couldn't get to, and we hauled the lawnmower down to A1 to see if it can be fixed. We don't know when it was last used, how old it is, or anything. It's a mystery mower. :) But there's nothing like spending the day working outside on your own home and smelling freshly mown grass afterward. :)

  3. I also like mowing. I do some of my best thinking while mowing. I originally did a zamboni pattern, then a simple back-and-forth. I have gotten more artistic and now do an oblong-spiral pattern. I believe I am the originator of this.

    A new spark plug every spring will do wonders for starting woes.

  4. I have a tiny patch of grass in front of my house and I don't have a backyard. However, I am unable to start the mower, I guess my arms are not strong enough. I have tried so many times in the past but it never started. So, I just assign the task to my hubby or brother.

    I probably wouldn't mind a ride on mower if we had more land.

  5. Yes, my lawn mawner is hard to start. I just bought it 5 months ago. It almost got me tired before I can make it start. hayyyy I need to buy anothet one I guess.


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