Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I Was Only Gone a Week...What the Heck is This?!?

This was the first time I swam out to the raft.  It's not so far that I should really be throwing my arms up triumphantly like that, but I am kind of out of shape and was happy I made it and could still breathe.

Ok.  Let me explain.

First of all, I was secretly on vacation all last week (up at the cabin - can't afford to go anywhere else, haha!).  I say secretly because I pre-wrote and scheduled posts ahead of time to appear while I was gone.  I try to be careful about posting on my blog, or Facebook or Twitter or whatever when we're going to be away, or the Husband is going to be away, or whatever for safety reasons...  I'm sure like me you've heard those stories where someone posts that they're going on vacation or whatever and they come home to find their house has been robbed.  Last week one of my new neighbors at the lake told me a story about a teenage friend of their daughter - the teen posted that her parents left her alone for the weekend, and she invited a few friends over for a "party" by posting on their Facebook walls.  Well a bunch of other kids saw it, and a friend told a friend who told a friend...and about 50 kids showed up at the girl's house for a "party" and they trashed the place.  The girl ended up calling the police on her own party because she couldn't get them to leave and she didn't even know half the kids!  Anyway, the point is, I was away all last week, and of course I have lots of pics and stuff to share.

Secondly, I go to write this post today, and the Blogger interface that I use to write this blog has completely changed!  They didn't just tweak this or that - the whole thing looks totally different!  Thought I took a wrong turn on the internet or something...  I didn't even take the time to look around, but for all I know I can post things to Saturn now and there's a talking spanish dictionary - who knows, I have to check it all out later.  As it was it took me a minute to figure out how to even start this post!  Luckily I have coffee.  I think my brain is still on "Adirondack time".

Speaking of my brain, I must be off my noodle to post a picture of me in my bathing suit for all the world to see.

The end.


  1. Vacation does funny things to the brain, like posting pics of yourself in a bathing suit! Woo woo, mama!!!! (I would NEVER dare, lol-- I don't even own a bathing suit!). That is SO COOL that you made it to the raft. I did it a few years ago, on a small lake in Bridgewater. It was exhausting. I had to wear my glasses cuz I can see nothing without them. When I dropped back into the water to make my way back, my head went under and i almost lost them!!! :-O

    Glad to see you are back. I have really missed you. I guess you don't have Internet at the cabin. :(

  2. P.S. Did I miss something? The Blogger dashboard looks the same to me! They don't like me, wah!

  3. They are going to change the name to google blogs too (boring!)


  4. @Rebecca - I did actually wear my sun hat out to the raft a few other times and luckily did not lose it, however, the husband and I are notorious for losing our sunglasses in the ocean, LOL! And no, we don't have internet at the cabin...but the vast majority of the time we'll only be up for the weekend, so it's not too bad. Though I kind of wish I had at least Twitter or something to keep in touch with my bloggy friends like you... Re: Blogger - they must be rolling out the changes and I guess it was my turn. It's weird and very sparse, but not hard to figure out. Not sure it's an "improvement".

    @Erika Jean: Thanks for that very interesting link about the future of Blogger and Picasa!


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