Monday, July 18, 2011

Look Who Came to Our Adirondack Cabin This Time!

To my complete amazement, Q-ee and Angel turned out to be quite good travelers.  I thought it was going to be a cacophony of meowing for hours in the car, but the two of them were so polite and only meowed their displeasure quite softly every now and then.  In fact it was really funny because Q-ee would meow and then Angel would meow back.  It was like Q-ee would say, "Meow, I really hate this!" then Angel would say back, "Meow, me too!"

When we got to the cabin Angel was skittish for the first day and then seemed to love it.  So many different birds and sounds and smells!  Q-ee seemed to take it all in stride from the start, however, the first night all he did was roam around the place meow-meow-meowing ALL NIGHT LONG.  I don't know what that was all about.  Maybe he figured he'd stay up and call dibs on all the good spots around the cabin, LOL...  About 4am he started knocking things over and I finally had to get up and put him in his cat carrier so I could get some SLEEP!  The next night he was fine.  Used the litterbox just fine.  They even went back in their cat carriers for the trip home with no problem!

Who would have thought bringing the cats would have been so uneventful??  LOL...  We did LOVE having them there with us - our whole family, all together.  :-)

Our old cat Basil hated the car.  She had this little trick in her later years of peeing when you'd pick her up to put her in the carrier.  I outwitted her though - I'd bring her up to the bathroom and when I picked her up, I'd hold her over the bathtub.  Then when she was "empty", into the cat carrier she went, ha ha!  :-) 

Do you cats travel well in the car? Do you have to resort to tricks to get them in their carrier?

The end.

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  1. LOL now that's funny. Luckily my cat didn't mind the traveling. She was happy whether she was in her carrier or not because she knew it was a safe place but if we were going long distances I'd let her roam the vehicle.


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