Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More Thoughts Too Short for a Whole Blog Post

I don't know where you keep all your misc recipes, but that beat up binder pictured above is my cookbook of all my "treasured" recipes.  It's a three ring binder with plastic "sheet protector" pages you can slide papers into.  My mom originally made it for me for my bridal shower. She not only included many of her "tried and true" recipes, but she asked everyone who came to my shower to bring a recipe to contribute.  Not only did that make it a wonderful keepsake, but when I got married, I hardly knew how to cook.  So I often would actually call the friend or family member whose recipe I was making with questions!  :-)  Over the years I've added lots of my own good recipes I've found, and added more recipes from friends and family as well.  It's dirty and beat up, but it's a treasure.

I haven't talked about geocaching in a loooooooooooong time, but on that topic, for Christmas my daughter got me the stuff to make my truck into a "travel bug".  Basically, there is a vinyl sticker now on the back of my truck that fellow geocachers would recognize.  There is a code underneath that can be copied down, and logged later on the website for them to get credit for "finding" this particular travel bug (my "cachemobile"!).  We will get notified each time someone logs our travelbug "truck", so it will be fun to see who has seen us, when and where.

Speaking of traveling, sometimes I swear, the contraptions people have on their vehicles to transport stuff scares me.  I mean stuff like thule bike rack and trailers and stuff seems fine, but on our way north we often see a lot of kayaks on roofs of cars and man, they look like they are gonna take flight at 80mph at any minute.  One time we were traveling behind a car that had one of those car top enclosed luggage carriers on it, and it came off!!  Thank goodness we were able to get out of the way, but now I'm always reluctant to drive behind cars with one of those things.  I think it was my brother-in-law ("J"??) who had a mattress fly off the roof of his car once...?

I was able to wrangle myself an invitation to Google+ by whining on Twitter.  It's sort of like Google's answer to Facebook, but it's really a lot more than that...and it seems to be easier to keep some privacy, too.  However, it's not open to everyone yet, and as cool as it seems so far, it would be more fun if more people I knew were on it...if you're one of the lucky 20 million who have been able to get in and you want to be in each others "circles", let me know...  Also I have 8 invitations (I think), if anyone would like one...

I need a new book light.  The one I have makes this really loud "creak" noise when you close it.  Which defeats the purpose of using a book light - you know, to be able to read while another person is sleeping?  Not so good if when you're finished the closing up of the book light (which is how you turn this one off) is so loud it wakes the other person up.  I asked the husband to spray WD40 on it, which he did, and amazingly, it seemed to make the "creak" louder.  We couldn't figure that one out.  I am going to splurge and spend $5.00 and just get a new, non-creaky book light.

And speaking of books, does anyone have any good book suggestions?  I never know what to pick at the library because it seems like everything I pick up is full of explicit sex, language and/or violence/murder.  I just want a good story without anything too "disturbing".  I read for fun, not to lay awake at night freaked out!  :-P  I also HATE SAD ENDINGS.  So none of that either, LOL...  I am embarrassed to admit this, but I just finished "The Best of Barbara Cartland" (the cheesiest, fluff romance novels you've ever read) out of desperation because I KNEW there wouldn't be anything upsetting and it would be a quick, "happy" read, LOL...  I have also read the Stephanie Plum books, which I have loved...  Anyone have any good suggestions for some good "beach reads" that aren't too "gritty" (OR SAD!)? 

I had a couple of good segues in this post, eh?  (I had to look up how to spell "segue".  It's hard to look up how to spell a word you don't know how to spell.  However I at least knew that it wasn't "Segway" - that motorized two wheel bike thingy! :-)

The end.


  1. My first book recommendation would be The Help. You could also try The Swan Thieves by Eliz Kostova or, the series of books by Camilla Lackberg! Let me know you make out!

  2. i'm not much of a fiction reader, but I have recently come across a few that are really good! There's Timeline by Michael Crichton. Anythng by Frank Peretti is good, I think. I also like Gone with the Wind. And Mark Twain's Innocents Abroad is terrific!

  3. If you have any left, I would like an invite to Google+ please.

    I bought a book light for a few bucks and it works pretty good. I stay up late at times to read and don't wish to keep the big light on so that hubby can sleep.

  4. @Mary's Mind - I checked the Swan Thieves out of the library at your suggestions - looks great, thanks!
    @Rebecca - Ah, our eerie similarities strike again - Gone With the Wind is one of my most favorite books ever!! :-P I looked for Timeline by Michael Crichton but my library didn't have it - I got another book by him but I forget the title, but it's about pirates...
    @Rena - I sent you an invite! :-)

  5. Hi Carole- I miss your geocaching posts. I'm on G+ if you want to connect. Joan Young

  6. Thanks Carole for the invite, I appreciate it!!!

  7. Anything by Michael Crichton is a good read. I thought I had read all his books...I never read one about pirates. I'll have to check that out. I have all of his other books...somewhere. He is...was (sadly, he died recently, very prematurely) a brilliant man who researched his novels so well and his fiction is plausable and exciting, and you learn something every time.


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