Sunday, July 3, 2011

Our Weekend in Pictures Part 2

Hooray!  The rain finally stopped and we could go down to the beach. 

Although our daughter can swim quite well, she decided to put on her life jacket and TWO noodles for her venture out to the raft and the "Rave".  The Rave is the floating thing to the left - it's basically and inflatable trampoline.  You can climb on, then jump really high into the water.  It's pretty cool. 

We had some duck friends that joined us on the beach.

We were able to enjoy the beach for a couple of hours, then just as we were thinking of heading back to our place, a rain storm came up.  We actually could see and hear it coming across the lake, so we managed to gather up our stuff and start running before it hit.  :-P

After dinner (cheese and crackers and hummus and chips) we planned to watch a movie.  A decision was made that we needed a snack for the movie.  We have plenty of snacks...  LOL... 

We decided to try Jiffy Pop.  Have you ever had this kind of popcorn that comes in what looks like a pie plate that you shake over a stove burner?  I personally have never had good success in getting most of the kernels to pop without totally scorching the bottom.  I was pretty dubious about the husband's ability to conquer the Jiffy Pop, but I watched in amazement as he did it perfectly!

(At this point in the process the popcorn is done and you take it off the burner, slit open the foil and pour into a bowl really quick before the bottom burns!)

Then Mr. "Oh-I-Have-to-be-Careful-of-my-Cholesterol" melted half a stick of butter to put on top.  Bad, bad, bad!

But it was really good!

Here is our "home theater", ha ha!  (That's my laptop sitting on top of an empty Avon box.  Hey, it worked!)

See you again soon, cabin!  :-)

The end.

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  1. I never have had much luck with jiffy pop either. We like to use an air popcorn pooing machine and and our own salt and butter. yum!

    Glad you had a little slice of the day between rain for the water!


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