Monday, July 25, 2011

This "New" Blogger Dashboard is Getting the Better of Me

Have all my Bloggy friends rolled out to the new Blogger dashboard and posting yet?

I don't mind when companies want to improve their software, but I can't stand it when the "new" version is dramatically different than the old one.  This new Blogger dashboard has a totally different feel from the old one (it's also very drab and boring I think), everything looks different, and I just accidentally published a post with yesterday's date, that was actually supposed to be a post scheduled for tonight.  Argh!!

On the bright side, at least Blogger only changes stuff every once in a while, and they do the update themselves. Unlike Wordpress - which has a new version every 30 seconds, that you have to update yourself and you have to cross your fingers with each update that your theme and plug-ins don't "break".

Well until I learn this new Blogger interface better, I apologize in advance for who knows what I may accidentally publish...or if you're looking for a new post, it may have ended up dated two weeks ago, or ten years in the future, who knows!  LOL...

The end.


  1. Are you using blogger in Dash ( Try just going to the old old blogger, that hasn't change yet for me. I mostly use the old version (

  2. I haven't seen any changes.

    I CAN'T STAND all the Wordpress updates. I don't mind when they make it more functional, but when they change the appearance into "improved" shades of gray and aqua that I can't see on the screen, I get *kinda* upset. ALL those "new" changes and we still can't customize our dashboard colors?!

    Anyway.... I have never had problems with updates with WP (and Lord knows, I've probably done 3000 of them by now). The problems in your case seem to be the plugins, so the plugin creators (which are not made by WP but by independent developers) are to blame. They always say you should deactivate your plugins before updating... I usually don't. But I always upgrade the plugins before I upgrade the WP software....

    I'm looking forward to seeing the dashboard changes in Blogger. I think it's been the orange color with same format for.... 5 or more years?


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