Friday, July 22, 2011

What We Did on a Sweltering Summer Evening

For once we all actually enjoyed the icy hose water!

Giving Tex a bath is always a major event.  Usually he's not terribly cooperative and I sort of end up being dragged all over the driveway while the husband and daughter soap him, then hose him off.  I can't really blame him but ya gotta wash that dog stink off sometimes.  Plus he's a double coated dog and anything that helps get some of that fur out before it ends up on the floors is a good thing!  We've never tried to give him a bath in a bathtub.  I can't imagine any scenario where that would go well.

Too bad they don't have a "dog wash" like a car wash.  You could build a big metal building with a conveyor belt.  You put a harness on the dog, then leash him to a bar on the conveyor belt, then just let him move along the conveyor belt as machines gently spray the dog with water, then shampoo, then rinse, then a nice quick blow dry.  You could even pay extra like at the car wash for maybe a shot of conditioner, or shine spray for a glossy coat.  :-)  Instead of the option to purchase air fresheners in different scents, maybe for a fee you could have your dog spritzed at the end with a scent of your choice...maybe cedar, pine, roses or beach scents to choose from?

We've never taken him to a groomer.  I don't even know what it would cost.

Anyway, as always, by the end of the bath, everyone is soaking wet and covered with wet fur.  A load of fun I tell ya.  Actually, our daughter wore her swimsuit for the event - that was good thinking!  Anyway, a little toweling off to get off more loose dog hairs and voila!  May I present a fluffly, clean and sweet smelling Mr. Texdog!

Do you take your dog to a groomer?  What does that cost, if you don't mind me asking?  Or do you give your dogs a bath at home?  Can you manage it in the bathtub, or is it outside with a hose too?

The end.


  1. LOL, oh that dog wash conveyor belt would be a hoot! I'd definitely pay for that! Maybe it could even have those wrist and ankle straps like they use for *certain* hospital beds, to keep the dog still and prevent him from running off....

    Texdog seems like such a nice dog. But I still prefer cats. :)

    Stay cool, winter is a-coming! :-D

  2. Well now the conveyor belt is a novel idea but I'm not sure lol Some of the car washes here actually have a separate section just for washing your pets with sink and all that good stuff. I've never used them because I toss mine in the tub and then clean it out afterwards. I would NEVER get them to stand still long enough to wash them in the backyard and I don't have any help so bathtub it is.

    I've never used a grooming service but I'm sure you could call a few to find out prices. When mine are kenneled for more than 4 days the kennel will bathe them the day before I pick them up so at the very least they get a bath one time out of the year when I take the kids to kidney camp lol

  3. I take our Shitzu to the groomer for haircuts. I don't know how to cut his hair or I could save $24 every three months. He gets so hot if I don't have him trimmed. He lays on the air conditioner vent to get cool. LOL I still bathe him and our Boston Terrier. I just bathed them tonight after picking them up at the kennel. They smelled so bad. We just got home from Branson.

  4. A dog groomer is $50-60. There is a dog wash in Fishkill behind Cracker Barrel that we use occasionally, it is not automated however. Well worth the $10 cost.


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