Monday, August 22, 2011

Q-ee Is a Bad Kitty

Please pass the steak!

Q-ee is our big, bad, boy kitty and he's not shy.  At the cabin he sits right at the table and wonders why the heck we forgot to make him a plate?

In fact, when we leave him alone for any length of time, he invites all the neighbor cats over and they drink all the Husband's beer.  They cook mice and moths on the electric grill.  They leave their cat toys and empty beer cans all over the joint.  He is bad.

He even escaped and got out of the house the other night.  But he came back when I called him.  He knows he's got it good here.  He's bad but he's not stupid.

Do have a bad kitty?

The end.


  1. I love that first photo. It looks like Q-ee is surveying the chow. LOL

    Livvy used to do the same thing when we served dinner. She'd hop up into the empty chair of the person who was straggling to come to the table.

  2. That post was so cute and funny!! I am allergic to some cats but can't have one now anyways because I have a bird (cockatiel). My dog (a dachshund ) doesn't get along with cats either.

    Thanks for the post, brought a smile to my face!


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