Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wanna See My Martha Stewart Pre-lit Sparkling Pine Artificial Christmas Tree?

UPDATE:  Would you believe we ended up having to un-decorate the whole thing and return this defective tree?  A portion of the lights went out on top which is very surprising as the box specifically says, "Continuous-on technology (lights stay lit even if a bulb gets damaged, is loose or burns out)".  After calling customer service, trying a few things to try to repair it to no avail, and hearing what they had to offer, we made the heart-breaking decision to just return it.  You can read more about that here: Returning our Defective Martha Stewart Prelit Sparkling Pine Tree.  I wouldn't recommend this tree to anyone.


I know you're only reading on because you can't believe that after all the years of chopping down a REAL Christmas tree (I even wrote a guide called "How to Cut Down and Care for a Real Christmas Tree 101"!), that *I*, of all people, bought a "Martha Stewart Pre-lit Sparkling Pine Tree".  From Home Depot.  And before I even show you any pictures, do you want to know why it's called "sparkling"?  It's because there is actual glitter glued to the ends of the branches.  Also, it doesn't even say this in the description, but it's flocked with FAKE SNOW!  With fake pine cones!

I know you're thinking this is going to be the cheesiest, fakest looking artificial Christmas tree EVAH.  It's that same morbid curiosity that makes people look at accidents along the side of the road that makes you want to see my pictures...  Well, read on and you can see for yourself what you think...

Ok, well just a little background.  As I've mentioned in a previous post, we got sick and tired of paying higher and higher prices for the "privilege" of traipsing through hill and dale to chop down our own Christmas tree.  So we decided the heck with it, we'll get an artificial tree and pay for it once and be done.  We looked at artificial Christmas trees in a number of places, and believe it or not, yes, this is the one we picked.

As if you don't already think I'm pretty nutty for having put up my Christmas village already, I decided to put the tree up right away.  I have a good reason though!  What if there was a part missing or something not working?  I did NOT want to find out the day we planned to decorate for Christmas that there's something wrong with the tree.  See?  I told you I had a good reason.

So, I took everything out of the box.  The tree parts were MUCH heavier than I expected.  That seemed like a good sign.  Like maybe this thing is of halfway decent quality?

Following the instructions, I open the stand and fit the bottom section of the tree in.  Next you're supposed to fit the middle section into the center hole. Only thing is, the branches are clumped so tight together, I cannot for the life of me see or find it.  I'm also wondering why I can't seem to open up any of these lower branches.  I mean, I saw it in the store and it did not look like a clump on a stick in the store.  Anyway, it doesn't tell you this in the directions, but there's this big "twist tie" that cleverly blends into the branches that were holding them closed.  Niiiiiiiiiice.

Once I removed this, I could move the branches and I was able to fit the middle and top pieces in.  There was another "twist tie" around the middle section which I discovered much more quickly than the first one *eyeroll*.  I plugged the sections together and turned it on and thankfully, it seemed to be in fine working order.

Now seemed like a good time for a little nip of Bailey's Irish Cream.

Ok, so the next step was to lower and "fluff" the snowy branches, starting at the bottom and moving toward the top to fill it out.  I must admit, this took MUCH longer than I thought as this tree really has a LOT of branches.  Again, I was surprised at the nice quality of this tree.  (Call me crazy, but "Martha Stewart" and "Home Depot" don't exactly scream "superior quality".)  So, what do you think?

C'mon - it's not nearly as bad as you thought, is it?  LOL...  Now it's hard to capture in a photo, but this tree is flocked, so it looks like it has snowy branches.  It's nicely done - just enough to give it a pretty look - not like someone took a fire extinguisher to it.  And it has some fake pine cones interspersed that give it a pretty charm.  And did I mention glitter?  Oh yeah baby!  It has glitter glued to the ends of some of the branches which actually make it look like it's glistening with little frozen water droplets.  It is actually really, really pretty.  Here is a closer photo to try to give you an idea:

You still may think this is the stupidest artificial Christmas tree you've ever seen but we really like it.  The fact that it's pre-lit is a major bonus.  Also, I always was in the multi-colored light camp, but we actually liked the clear lights better.  I love the sparkling, snowy branches, and the fake pine cones.

Could it be that this tree reminds me of a snow covered Adirondack pine tree?  Ya think?? :-)

The only negative thing I can say about the tree is that it made a bit of a mess with the glitter on the floor.  However, I think the first time putting it up would be the worst of the glitter falling off - I wouldn't expect there to be as much of a mess next time.  And really, after years of vacuuming up pine needles every few days from our live Christmas trees, vacuuming up some glitter ONCE = no big deal.

So, what do you think - would you never be caught dead with a tree like this, or do you like it?  What do you have? A real or artificial tree?  Or maybe you don't celebrate Christmas and this post is making you appreciate that, LOL??  'Cause you know Christmas is so all about the tree.  Well, and yeah, and there's this Jesus guy...  :-)

The end.


  1. Awesome! - in my humble opinion :)

  2. I really like the tree but I especially love how you take such regular household tasks and add your lively narrative, so that it's like we're right there with you. YOU are the pretty glitter, IMHO. :-) Enjoy your tree, it looks great!!!

  3. @Ivanhoe - Thank you!! :-)

    @Rebecca - You are SO very sweet to say that - I really needed to hear some encouragement - THANK YOU my good friend!! And it's hard to believe you would like this tree, but I'll take it, thanks, LOL! :-D

  4. Well, it IS pretty, and glitter vaccums better than pine needles.

  5. As always, an entertaining narrative, but I was so sorry to read about your surrender to the Dark Side. There is still time, and a tree.

  6. ha, we also just purchased the same MS tree from HD, who would've thunk it! Hubby had to take a nap prior to tackling the project thinking it would take nerves of steel. Not so bad, no sap, no sawing off the bottom to fit, no leaky water for pets to drink.Thanks for the heads up on the twist tie, that would have put him over the edge...


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