Thursday, December 15, 2011

Artificial Christmas Trees Made in the USA

My sister-in-law, upon reading our Christmas tree plight, recommended to me the company that her artificial tree is from - she said theirs is a "Mountain King" tree, which is sold by  She said their tree is very life-like and beautiful and in great shape - and it's over 10 years old.  Also, she pointed out to me that the trees from this company don't contain lead - this wasn't even something I realized I had to worry about.  Their trees are made from recycled materials, and of course provide jobs for Americans.

(On a side note, in some of the testimonials, I noticed some people were commenting how lightweight the trees are, and that they appreciated that.  After manhandling the defective Martha Stewart tree, and practically needing to attend a Back pain seminar afterwards, I can now appreciate that too!)

Anyway, I am going to call them today just out of curiosity, to see if they could still ship one here in time for Christmas, in case this is what we decide to do.  But I figured after buying a tree that broke in less than 30 days made in China (surprise, surprise), I thought maybe like me, some of you would be interested in checking out an artificial tree made in the USA (this isn't a paid post, btw).

In the meantime, I have made a manger our of a cardboard box, glue, and packing tape.  I'll explain what that's all about in another post.

The end.

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