Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Don't Make Christmas Breakfast Before You've Had Your Coffee

Because you might forget an ingredient.  In this case it was the CHEESE!

It was still good, but would definitely have been better with cheese, because what isn't better with cheese?!?

That's a brand new pan I even bought to make it.  My old 11x7 metal pan bit the dust and became a grease catcher for our BBQ up at our Adirondack cabin.  I haven't had to buy a metal pan in ages and I don't know what kind of metal this one is made of, but it seems very sturdy.  Almost like the feel of the kind of metal they use on metal buildings, like for storage or whatever.  Hopefully it won't rust for a long time.

Anyway, there was some leftover and when I reheated it I put cheese on top.  Because what doesn't taste better with cheese on top?!?  :-)

What did you have Christmas morning?

The end.

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