Monday, December 5, 2011

Farewell 'Til Next Year Adirondack Cabin

Shortly before Thanksgiving, the Husband went up on his own to visit the cabin one last time.  There were a couple of things he wanted to do before winter hits, and bring home a couple of things we forgot to grab the last time we were there.

Here is a picture where you can see some ice forming in "our" lake.  I told him to say "hi" to my minnows that he assures me can survive the winter.  He said they were deep in the lake for the winter and so he was unable to pass along my message.

Here is a photo of some of the "provisions" he brought to eat (don't worry, he had some "real" food to eat too):

That's a bagel, cheez-its, three chocolate chip cereal bars, three Slim Jims, a box of Whoppers, a candy bar from last Christmas, jelly beans, disposable coffee cups with Folgers instant coffee "bags" (like tea bags but with coffee).  Not pictured is the beer, which was keeping cold on the porch, ha ha...

Stay safe and snug little cabin until we see you next year...

The end.

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