Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Oldie But Goodie - Deviled Eggs

We often are asked (or expected, lol) to bring the deviled eggs to family gatherings.  These are the deviled eggs I brought for Christmas Eve:

I even have a really great Pampered Chef dish that has rounded forms to hold the eggs, AND the holder itself is an icepack, which keeps the eggs nice and cold.

If you look for deviled egg recipes you'll find all kinds of funky things people add - pickle juice, relish, vinegar, dried mustard, you name it.  Recipes just can't be simple anymore - everyone's gotta add their "take" on it.

Well, our recipe - which everyone raves about - is just egg yolks, salt, pepper and mayo.  THAT'S IT.  Can you believe it?!?!?!?!  The way grandma used to make it!  Don't be adding new fangled crap to put your own "twist" on it - IT DOESN'T NEED IT!  :-P

(Of course when "grandma" used to make it, one would be out in the fields later working off all those calories.  Nowadays you'll have to find a gym in richmond or your own town or whatever to work off those deviled eggs, ha ha!)

Ok, tell me how you make YOUR deviled eggs.  I promise I won't berate you.  :-)

The end.


  1. Deviled eggs, or "stuffed eggs" as I call them, was always a favorite holiday food for me. :) I made them for Thanksgiving but was too tired to do them for Christmas (as it was a Sunday and I am very busy on Sundays). I am the same way-- simple ingredients. I really don't like the fancy stuff people add today. You are right! Everyone has to have their "take" on things, and it isn't just in recipes, either!

    The only difference is that my egg filling also has a bit of horseradish, to add some kick. :) And mine are not as pretty as yours-- I scoop the filling with a spoon and the filling is not swirled like yours. I also have no egg dish, so mine slip and slide on a regular dinner plate! It's quite the excitement, carrying the eggs from the kitchen to the dining room every year, LOL!

  2. I fill my eggs just using a ziploc bag with the corner cut off and I just "squirt" it in. I don't have a fancy pastry bag or anything. To me it's easier than trying to spoon it in. I had to laugh about your eggs slipping and sliding on your plate on the way to the dining room - I know! They always seem to be a little wet on the bottom and super slippery! We usually bring our eggs to events and for those who know my husband, he's somewhat of a "wild" driver and my poor eggs would always ended up in a heap at the corner of whatever dish I tried to bring them in, lol! The egg holder try I have now is a GODSEND - even keeps 'em safe on a wild ride, ha ha! I would be curious to try them with a bit of horseradish (we like horseradish). Maybe next time I made them I'll make a small batch with some horseradish to try.


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