Monday, January 23, 2012

Facebook Fun (or not so fun?) and Games

Angel and Frieda Enjoying Milkshakes From Snoopy's Street Fair

My daughter sent me this "Snoopy Snap" which you can do from the game "Snoopy's Street Fair" which is a very cute game, although like SO many other Facebook games it always offers lots of tempting options that cost REAL money.  I mean, I can't blame them, but some games are kind of "worse" than others with what they let you do for free and what they want you to pay for.  I mean, I don't expect to be able to customize Snoopy or Charlie Brown's house down to a choice of JoAnn's or p kaufmann fabric, but sheesh, at Christmas time I don't think there was one "free" decoration for the Christmas tree.  But it's fun enough to play for free, and it's very cute.  These companies have to make money and cheapos like me aren't helping them pay the bills, lol.

So I mentioned in a previous post that I was enjoying Words With Friends.  Well, I'm not enjoying it as much anymore, lol...  I *thought* I was a fairly well-read, intelligent person with a pretty good vocabulary, however, in the first week or two of playing Words With Friends I could not believe how many words people were playing that I had never seen or heard of!!  Ok, I know since I hit 40 the brain cells are starting to die off but, wow!  I am much dumber than I thought!!  Well, finally somebody kindly tipped me off that there are apps and computer programs that you can use to make the best words out of the letters you have - even helping you maximize DL and TL spaces and the like, as well as lists of obscure two and three letter words to play, etc. etc. etc. :-/  Ok, #1 - Um, isn't that cheating?  #2 - If I were playing you face to face I would not, on my turn, turn to my computer to find my next move - would you?  #3 - That doesn't really seem like fun to me - to let your computer figure out some of your moves?  But I guess that's just me.  I'm also not super competitive, so maybe that's part of it.  #4 - The least you can do if you're doing this is LET YOUR OPPONENT KNOW so you can BOTH play with "help" because it's not really very fair to use your computer to help you make words no one's ever heard of while I'm only using MY BRAIN, now is it??   Sheesh!  Blah.  Whatever.  (Btw, I *know* not everyone is doing this, but I'm kind of put me off the whole game - I can't keep track of who seems like they're getting help and who is just playing brain-to-brain with me - it's sucked the fun out of it.)

Have you tried Zynga's Drop 7 game?  That's a lot of fun, but once I figured out some of the strategy the game can last a looong time...although I still am not very good at getting rid of the "1s" - I end up eventually with the bottom rows filled with them...

And of course I'm still playing Farmville.  There's a rumor we may finally be getting "shared storage" across all the farms, but I'll bet that will cost Farm Cash (= real money).  Don't forget to check under the game window for the occasional surveys you can do for a couple of farm cash - I did one today for Turbo Tax, took about a minute.  Over time those Farm Cash add up!  Also, in case you don't know, there is an official Farmville Blog where they publish the "Quest Guides" so you can see what tasks lie ahead and plan accordingly.  And regarding all the quests lately - it got too stressful for me to try to complete them all, so I just look ahead to what prizes are offered and I don't even bother with the quests unless there are prizes I want.  The game is much more enjoyable now.  I have enough stress in my life, I don't need to be worrying about my blueberries withering, lol!

What Facebook games do *you* like that I should try?

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  1. I wondered why you weren't playing Words as much. :( I'm sorry!! I wasn't cheating, HONEST!!! As a matter of fact, now I know why I am getting whuped so bad by some other folks. >:( You know, you can just try inserting a variety of letters all over the board, and if you hit "submit" and it goes through, the word is acceptable. Sometimes it takes a while but I've discovered that "qi" and "xi" are actual words. I agree, though-- I think WWF should stick to only "regular" words in the vernacular and not funky words. Just for the record, I thought you played very well. I admit, however, that sometimes my husband would play with me over my shoulder. :D I always was good at Scrabble, I beat him almost EVERY TIME, muahahaha!! Anyway, don't get discouraged. I don't cheat and I like playing with you. So if you ever want to pick it up again, I'm around.

    I haven't tried any other game except Castleville. I signed in for 2 seconds and then decided it wasn't for me. But now, I am getting a ZILLION Castleville requests a day! Gah!!!

  2. I love playing WORD and it pisses me off when people use the cheats. I mean, whats the point of playing? I can usually tell who cheats and who doesn't as well as who won't admit they are using the cheats. Grrrrr.....

  3. I love some WWF. I am pretty sure my friends aren't cheating. I know I'm not! I had a friend play LESBIANS on a triple word score and got 102 points.

    I am playing scramble lately which is fun. its like boggle. I am learning new words on that one because it shows you the available words AFTER you've played the board.

    My favorite facebook games tho are bejeweled blitz and packrat.

  4. So far I have managed to refrain from all FB games. I suspect I'd like Farmville if I got started.

  5. I had to give up on Cityville - there was too much waiting around for my friends to do things for me... oh well. I'm on the search for a new (non-social haha) game!

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