Saturday, January 21, 2012

More Thoughts Too Short for a Whole Blog Post

This is me when I was a baby.  Looks like I was already having more thoughts too short for a whole blog post, eh?  :-)

The Husband refuses to join Facebook - which I can understand.  He's heard too many horror stories of stupid things on Facebook hurting people's careers, so he lives vicariously through my Facebook.  (Although, he told me the other day that there's this whole other secret site called UnFacebook where all the people go who don't want to be on Facebook.)

We ran out of Italian Seasoning and when I was grocery shopping I was going to purchase more until I saw the price - $6.10!!!!!!!   For a "vial" of Italian Seasoning????  Are they putting gold in Italian Seasoning these days?????  That was McCormick brand btw - they didn't have a store brand or any other brand.  We are just going to have to live without Italian Seasoning for now cause I'm not paying no $6.10 for it!!!

The Daughter got Just Dance 3 for the Wii for Christmas and it has this great feature called "Just Sweat" for exercising (thank you btw to all those who gave me suggestions on how to get rid of my Christmas Blubber - I'm still looking into/considering ideas).  So far my fave song to dance to surprisingly is Lenny Kravitz's "Are You Gonna Go My Way".  I can get 4 stars on that one.  :-D

Besides the show "Gold Rush" I am also now hooked on "Flying Wild Alaska" - I've watched all of Season 1 on Netflix and tried to watch as much of the current season as I could remember to.  The Husband is getting worried with my fascination with Alaska and he's already told me we are NOT moving to Alaska, and not to get any ideas - the Adirondacks is as far north as he's willing to go.

Now that the Husband and I have hit our forties, our inability to remember things at times has become quite amusing.  The other day the Husband couldn't think of the word for a particular item and called it, "the fart balloon thingy" (whoopie cushion).

Speaking of being in your 40s...I went for my first mammogram the other day.  I can't decide whether to blog about it or not.  I'm pretty sure my description of the ordeal I went through would give you a laugh, but on the other hand it just might be

Speaking of laughs...I am reading a book by a local Hudson Valley author called, "A Real Piece of Work".  It's a detective/mystery/thriller story - I'm three quarters of the way through it and so far I'm really enjoying it - not too gritty, just great storytelling THANK YOU!  I happen to follow this author on Twitter and he occasionally tweets lines from the book, such as this, "Briefly I wished I were that other detective, Spenser, who could make a gourmet meal out of vitamin C tablets and an onion." As I was reading, I came across this gem I think should be his next quote, "I rolled over a drift and scrambled behind a tree, my thighs as nimble as two frozen hams."  This books has some very witty lines, lol.  The only thing I'm worried about regarding this book, is that there is a sequel - already written - but the author (Chris Orcutt) won't release it until he sells 1,000 copies of *this* book - gah!  I have no idea how close he might be, but if you want to check it out here's a link to the Amazon page - it's in Kindle format (you don't need a Kindle btw to read it - you can download an app to read it on your pc or ipod/ipad) and it's $4.99 - Chris Orcutt's A Real Piece of Work.

It's actually snowing here today in NY - hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!

The End.

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