Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Do You Know What BSOD is?

It's the dreaded "Blue Screen of Death".

If you know what BSOD is, it's probably because your computer has had at least one BSOD.  I think it's pretty funny there's even a Wikipedia page for it: Blue Screen of Death.

In short, if you see that blue screen appear - it's bad.  Something in your computer has gone horribly wrong.

About a week ago I got the dreaded BSOD.  After trying many remedies, I ended up reformatting the hard drive.  It wasn't too bad as I had done a good backup in November, and really the only things added since then were photos, which the Husband has copies of on his computer, and stuff from iTunes which I could just re-download.  Not that it wasn't a giant pain in the butt or anything to totally replace everything on my computer.

Did some testing once Windows was up and running again, and found out I had "bad clusters".  Still not really sure what that is, but the disk checking utility said it fixed "them", and no BSODs since.  Yet.

In between reconstructing and reloading software back on my computer, the router has decided to start dropping the wireless signal 10 or 20 times a day.  Been on the phone with tech support and tried a few things, to no avail.  A tech person is supposed to be coming either late today or tomorrow morning to most likely replace the router.  Not that I don't appreciate the exercise of walking over to the router 10 or 20 times as day, but it's a little disruptive, especially when I am trying to DOWNLOAD SOFTWARE ON MY REFORMATTED COMPUTER.

Oh, and we had a leak under the kitchen sink.


The end.


  1. be careful with the bad clusters even though you reformatted, sounds like the drive is on its way out

  2. I don't want to tell you how many times my desktop shows me that.


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