Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Geocaching Stat the Husband is Trying to Improve

A fun geocache the Husband found recently

My Husband is a software engineer and has a very "analytical" brain.  I joke that he has a spreadsheet and/or a "system" for everything (but he kinda does).  He also loves statistics, which goes along well with his love for geocaching - on the geocaching website they offer all kinds of stats about your "finds".  He's always being tempted to improve this stat, or the other stat...

His latest endeavor is to have the longest streak he can of finding at least one geocache a day.  I don't even know what our old "record" was, but if he finds one today (which he will) that will be 60 days in a row he/we have found a geocache.

Yes, he's crazy, but in an intellectual kind of way, ha ha....

And it's a good hobby - it's gotten him out hiking quite a bit more than he probably normally would in the winter, and it doesn't cost much once you've bought the GPS (which I must admit can be pretty pricey, although it's not like having to buy horse equipment or ski equipment/tickets, etc.).

Do you have a slightly crazy Husband or hobby?

The end.


  1. Well, I'm with your husband on the geocaching hobby - love it!! In Illinois we have the "Cache a Day" challenge. You have to cache every single day for 1 year in order to do the final and get credit for the challenge. It's a lot harder than you think to go cache every day sometimes. I think the longest we've ever gone is 2 weeks. I wish your husband luck! He's off to a great start!

  2. No slightly crazy husband here, but I share the same hobby ;-) someday I hope to have found a cache every day! Be sure to get this year, since we wont get a chance for the end of Feb. again for a while ;-)


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