Thursday, February 23, 2012

Here's My NASCAR Fantasy League Team - Whaddaya Think?

Before I reveal my team, in case you didn't know/remember, Dale Earnhardt Jr. is my favorite driver.  For the top of this post I chose to use this picture of him in which I think he is quite attractive, rather than the picture the Husband showed me the other day.  It's from an article called, "Creepy Dale Earnhard Jr. welcomes you to Daytona", which I must admit is quite amusing...and accurate!  Here is the more recent photo from that article:

Sorry for ruining all your Dale Earnhardt Jr. fantasies.

For quite a few years now, the Husband, some friends and relatives and I have played together in a free NASCAR fantasy league.  The very first time we played, I won, and my Dad bought a plastic tiara for me as my prize.  The following year I passed along the tiara to the next winner (all the other players are men).  Also, somewhere along the line a plastic Solo cup with some sort of congratulatory message was added to the "grand prize package".  Usually we try to get a picture of the winner wearing the tiara, which is very amusing as it's not been me since the very first year.  :-D

So anyway, here is the team I got this year.  The league we use has a draft where you rank all the drivers according to who you want the most to the least, and then there is a random "serpentine" draft (whoever goes first in the first round, goes last in the second round, etc.) which occurred last night.  You chose 4 drivers each week to compete head to head with another team (one driver of your choice sits out each week).

Dale Earnhardt Jr.
AJ Allmendinger
Marcus Ambrose
Paul Menard
Aric Almirola

I was extremely happy I got Dale Earnhardt Jr. (after not getting him last year - you know who got him???  The Husband!!!  I told him this year he'd better not even put him on his list of wanted drivers because if he thought I was mad last year........)  The rest of my team is "meh" - no other "superstars" which is disappointing, but on the other hand Allmendinger, Ambrose and Menard are "ok" and some of the other teams have a couple of "superstars" and then really crappy other drivers.  So maybe my "middle of the road" team will end up ok.  Of course I'm hoping this is Junior's totally incredible breakout year and will lead me to the Fantasy League championship so I may again wear the tiara!  :-D

Now I have to go study who the heck is in which car.  There is always a bunch of "switcheroos" during the off season and it always takes a few races to keep straight who is in a different car, who has a different sponsor, etc.  With the rough economic climate, I know sponsorships have been really hard to come by which means sometimes there is one sponsor for some races and another sponsor for other races, which makes it even more confusing.  In fact there are some decent drivers without a ride this season and probably have to think about walmart careers instead...

I always thought since Danica Patrick is a woman there are certain sponsors she could get and capitalize on like driving the Tampax car, or the Nice N Easy Haircolor car...right?  How about the Motrin PMS car - I bet the guys would get the heck out of her way then, huh?  Lol...

Don't forget the Daytona 500 is this Sunday!  Are you going to watch?  Who is your favorite driver?

The end.

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