Sunday, February 26, 2012

More Thoughts Too Short For a Whole Blog Post

Our cat Q-ee kept banging this cabinet trying to get to the garbage inside in the middle of the night, so we set up this "booby trap".  (That measuring cup is filled with water.)  Took him getting doused 4 or 5 times, but he's stopped trying to open the cabinet, at least for now.

Daytona 500 was postponed because of rain until tomorrow, dang it!  In the meantime, if you're on twitter there are a lot of drivers and NASCAR folks on there.  Mark Martin:  @55MarkMartin, Darrell Waltrip: @AllWaltrip, NASCAR: @NASCAR, Mike Joy: @MikeJoy500 plus lots more if you search around.  They are interacting a lot with the fans and answering a lot of questions - especially Mark Martin.  I also recommend following @Jeff_Gluck - he is a terrific NASCAR Sprint Cup reporter.  (Even if you're not using Twitter, you can still click those links and read what they are saying on their individual Twitter pages.)

I was talking to one of my sister-in-laws and she was telling me how much cool stuff she's found on Pinterest.  I've been to Pinterest before, and it is really, really cool but...I think it makes me feel overwhelmed and discouraged because I know I'll probably pin a hundred recipes I'll never make, a hundred home design ideas I'll never do, a hundred crafts I'll never make, etc. etc. so...why even bother?  Lol...  Well, since my sister-in-law was telling me what great things she found, I'm going to give it another look tonight.  (Also, neither of us were sure how to pronounce "Pinterest", so I looked it up - "Pinterest" is pronounced like "interest" but with a "p" in front of it.)

The Husband and I love the show "Gold Rush" but that is just too much work for too little gold.  It's just too much; I couldn't take it.  And every show I want to cut Todd's beard off...  If you like Gold Rush too, the Gold Rush forum on the Discovery site is interesting / entertaining.

I love Sonic!  My favorite thing to order is the Bacon Cheeseburger Toaster Sandwich and a Diet Coke with watermelon flavor!  Oh, and side of TOTS!!!  I know, so bad!!!  

I recently read a book by a local Hudson Valley author (Chris Orcutt) that I really, really enjoyed (and you know how I've bemoaned trying to find good books to read that aren't too "gritty" with excessive violence/sex/language).  It's called A Real Piece of Work and it's a PI/Mystery novel about the detectives Dakota Stevens and Svetlana Krush.  I'm not very good at writing book reviews, but I thought it was sort of James Bond-esque but a bit wittier.  Indie Book Review wrote a great review here if you'd like to know more.  You can download A Real Piece of Work for your Kindle or Kindle app from Amazon and it's only $4.99, which is an excellent deal for such a good read.  Currently it has 61 out of 70 five star reviews!  (The other 9 reviews are 4 stars.)  The second book in the series is already written and being readied for release!

The Iditarod starts in only 5 days!

I love Sonic!  My favorite thing to order is the Bacon Cheeseburger Toaster Sandwich and a Diet Coke with watermelon flavor!  Oh, and side of TOTS!!!  I know, so bad!!!

We recently watched The Manhattan Project movie.  It's an older movie, but I had never seen it.  Good movie if you're looking for something to stream on Netflix.  John Lithgow had almost a full head of hair back in the 80s!

Speaking of movies, I don't watch the Oscars or any of those awards shows for actors.  When they have award shows for doctors who perform lifesaving operations/find cures for diseases, our servicemen and women risking their lives for our freedom, firefighters who run into burning buildings to save people, single moms who work three jobs to keep food on the table, etc., etc. I'll watch.  I can't believe there are multiple televised award shows with parties and hoopla to "honor" people for acting.  That is so. beyond. ridiculous.

The end.


  1. LOL You posted the "I love Sonic" paragraph twice, I guess you really do love them!!

    Have a blessed week!

  2. This is a nice blog. I found it when I was checking the page ranking of my own blog. I am another Carole (there is no other way to spell it, is there?). You might like this post I did on a cheese snack.


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