Friday, February 24, 2012

My Cousin Left This Surprise on My Driveway

I came home the other day to find these items on my driveway.  I knew right away who they were from.

You know how when women are stressed they eat chocolate?  Well the other day my cousin and I ate half a cake.  So I was glad for the "emergency chocolate" I could use when there was no cake around, ha ha....

And as for the Moon Pies...  My cousin and I occasionally were able to have a sleepover at our Grandma's house and we used to spend the day sneaking candy and snacks - banana Moon Pies in particular - and would hide them under the bed we slept in.  Then after being put to bed, we'd stay up and eat the candy and snacks we had secretly worked to stash all day.

We found out years later that our Grandma totally knew all about what we were doing.  But she let us, isn't that so awesome??  She was a great Grandma...I miss her still...

Anyway, I have NEVER seen a box of banana Moon Pies since - but when I saw that box on my driveway there could be no one else those could be from but my cousin!  (In case you now want Moon Pies, she got them in the Cracker Barrel Restaurant gift shop.  They come in chocolate too, fyi.)

Everyone should be as lucky as I am to have a cousin that leaves them Emergency Chocolate and Moon Pies in their driveway!!  :-D

Do you have a special childhood treat?

The end.


  1. oh man I haven't had a banana moon pie in agessss. We got a new Crackle Barrel down the road, might have to hit it up this weekend on my travels.

  2. By the way, the cake only served 4-6 people, so it wasn't so bad that two people ate half of it. :)

  3. I need emergency chocolate right now!

  4. It was in the middle of your driveway? I was just thinking that if someone did that to me then surely they would have gotten stolen since I live in a city.

    I love the banana ones as well. Mmmmm

    I love chocolate too, its probably my favorite food, and yes to me it is food!!!


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